1st Birthday Photo Shoot information and recommendations


I have a good selection of outfits especially for 1st birthday shoots which you will have a choice of when you come but if you would prefer your child to wear their own outfit then please be sure to bring it along.


Please remember that as this is a 1st birthday photo shoot that the focus will be on photographing the birthday girl or boy.  I am happy to include one or two family photographs if required but the main focus will be on the baby.


I recommend that distractions are kept to a minimum so please if possible do not bring the baby's siblings or any other children to the photo shoot.  We want your baby to be looking at the camera, if there is too much distraction in the room then your child won't be interested in having the photo shoot done or will not be looking at the camera for any of the photographs.  If you really have to bring other children with you then I do ask that they wait outside if possible please.  I hope you understand that I want you to get the absolute best from the session.


Please note that whilst at your photo shoot any children in your care are your responsibility. Please do not allow children to run around, touch ANY of the photography equipment, or pull any of the props out. Any breakages will be charged at the appropriate rate and must be paid before any photographs are released for viewing. Please also make sure that all footwear is removed before entering the photographic area. (socks or bare feet are fine)


If you have any props you would like to bring with you like a child's special toy for example then please feel free to do so and I will include it in the photographs. I have a good selection of props but if you have seen something in particular you would like me to use then please let me know at least 24 hours prior to your shoot so I can make sure I have it available on the day. 


Please be aware that I will always work the the child's pace, not all children are happy to be photographed as soon as they arrive so I may need to spend time with them helping them feel more comfortable. Also I would advise that you do not bring your child when they are tired or due for a nap, if possible try to arrange for your child to sleep before the photo shoot if a nap is usually required. I will interact with your child to get them looking at the camera and hopefully smiling, please try not to distract them as the best photographs are captured when the baby is interacting with me and looking at the camera.  If your baby is feeling shy or serious I will ask for you to help.  Otherwise please feel free to make yourself comfortable watching.