Maternity Photo Shoot information


Please could you come in plain clothing, for example, Jeans and a plain coloured top or jumper is ideal. If your partner is going to be involved in the shoot then please could he also do the same, plain trousers/jeans and plain top. Please could you wear a strapless bra in black or white if you have one and knickers in the same colour. If you have bought anything small like booties, toys etc in preparation for the new arrival then please bring these along too and we will incorporate them in to the shoot.  This also includes and scan photographs that you might want to use in the photo shoot.


Please arrive at your shoot in your chosen outfit and with hair and make up done if you wear it.  I have a good selection of props and garments but if you have seen something in particular you would like me to use then please let me know at least 24 hours prior to your shoot so I can make sure it is available on the day. 


Please note that whilst at your photo shoot any children in your care are your responsibility. Please do not allow children to run around, touch ANY of the photography equipment, or pull any of the props out. Any breakages will be charged at the appropriate rate and must be paid before any photographs are released for viewing. Please also make sure that all footwear is removed before entering the photographic area. (socks are fine)


Thank you for choosing to book with Angel Eyes Photography, I am looking forward to your session.