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Newborn photographer somersetMe wrapping a newbornMe wrapping a newborn baby ready for some wrapped newborn photos

So you're considering a Newborn session for your baby!

You have probably looked at a few photographers local to Somerset and looked at their differing styles and sessions.  Or maybe you only just heard about Newborn photoshoots and would like to know more?

It's really important to choose a photographer whose style you love and work you admire.  If you're not sure then I am here to help!

This blog post will tell you all about the experience here at Angel Eyes Photography.

Where it all begins

Newborn sessions take place at my photography studio in South Petherton, Somerset.

We want to try and time your session for when baby is between 1&3 weeks ideally but they can also take place when baby is up to around 8 weeks old to so don't worry if your baby is over 3 weeks and you're only just thinking about a session.

There are a few reasons for this, one of them being that babies are usually much sleepier in the first 3 weeks so are easier to settle.  Also baby acne can start to appear after they reach around 3-4 weeks of age as well.

Babies begin to develop muscle tone and become much less flexible between 4 & 8 weeks which can make it harder to do the curly poses like you will have seen in my newborn portfolio and like the photo below.

Bottoms up pose with hat - newborn photographer somersetBottoms up pose with hat - newborn photographer somersetBeautiful Oliver came from Chard in Somerset for his newborn photo shoot. You might now be thinking that leaving the house so soon after having a baby is something you might not want to do...

I hear you!  As I specialise in Newborn Photography and have built my studio with Mums in mind as well as newborn babies.  I want you to be as comfortable as possible when you come to visit me and I want you to feel at home here.  

I have a room in my studio specifically for newborn sessions with a well stocked cupboard including nappies, wipes, towels, muslin squares and breast pads.  There are hot drinks and biscuits.  Comfortable chairs (which are so comfortable that some of the Dad's have even fallen asleep!) Toys to keep the older siblings happy if you want them to stay for the duration of the session, if not there is a very well equipped recreation ground just a five minute drive from the studio.  Very often Dad will take the siblings there when we have done all the family and sibling photos so we can focus on the baby without worrying the siblings are getting fed up.  Everything has been put in place to make sure your experience is as stress free and enjoyable as possible.  I want you to have the best once in a lifetime experience when you visit me for a newborn session.

Newborn photographer somersetMy Newborn Photography roomThis is the room where all of my newborn sessions take place.


If you've seen my Facebook Page then you have probably seen the different types of newborn photos I take, like these ones below.

Sleeping like a baby - newborn photographer tauntonSleeping like a baby - newborn photographer tauntonLittle Pippa slept all the way through the poses during her newborn photography session IMG_2126IMG_2126 IMG_2153IMG_2153

If your baby falls asleep straight away after they have been fed then I would usually start with poses like the ones in the first two photos.

To prepare for the session I will usually ask you to see if you can time your baby's feeds so that they need feeding when you arrive at the studio.  I understand this isn't always easy though so if you need to feed baby before you leave the house that's no problem, I just ask that you dress baby in easy to remove clothing like a button through baby grow and don't put a vest on them so that if they are sleeping when you arrive then their clothes can easily be removed without waking them and we can get started straight away.  If baby is going to be fed when you arrive then I'll ask you to undress baby down to their nappy before feeding them.

Throughout the session you will watch me pose and photograph your baby in different positions and from different angles using a selection of props and accessories.

You'll notice that I am constantly checking your baby is comfortable, safe and happy in each position and this allows me to instantly know if I need to change the position slightly or move on to a different pose.

If your baby needs a top up feed then that's not a problem, we have plenty of time.

And this is what I mean when I say my sessions are baby led, I will always work at your baby's pace, pausing whenever we need to for extra feeds or cuddles.

I don't rely solely on my experience as a Mum and a newborn photographer, I regularly attend training with other top UK photographers too.

Family Photos

All of my Full Newborn Sessions and the newborn session in my Watch me Grow Plans all include photographs with the baby's parents and their siblings.

At this stage I know you're probably feeling like you don't want to be in any of the photos!  I hear you!  But please don't worry about it, I have many clients that have felt exactly the same way.  I've had training on posing and will know exactly which poses work and which ones to avoid.  Your baby will absolutely treasure the photos that have you in them for many years to come.  Please believe me when I say that photos with you in them is one of the most lovely gifts you can give to your child.

The poses used below are perfect for capturing your together with your little one!

newborn baby snuggled with his mum and dadnewborn baby snuggled with his mum and dadnewborn shot with parents Cradled in the arms of Mummy and Daddy - baby photography somersetCradled in the arms of Mummy and Daddy - baby photography somersetLittle Ivy safe in the arms of her Mum and Dad in my studio in Somerset Eva Newborn-24Eva Newborn-24

Or we can do photos like this

black and white in daddy’s handsblack and white in daddy’s handsArlo in his daddy’s hands showing how tiny he is as a newborn

You ordering appointment

At the end of the photo shoot we will arrange a mutually convenient time for you to come back to the studio for your ordering appointment.  This appointment usually takes place around 2-3 weeks after the newborn session but it’s sometimes longer if you need a specific day of the week or time.  This is when you will see the beautiful photos from the session for the very first time!

We will firstly watch a slideshow of your photos to music, please don't stress or be embarrassed if the slideshow makes you feel emotional!  Lot's of parents do feel tearful (In a good way!) when they see the photos for the first time.  I always leave the tissues out ready.

Then once we have watched the slideshow we will then look at every photo individually and decide which images you want to keep and decide if you want any extra digital images or photo products for your home or for gifts.

Would you like to know more about my newborn sessions or Watch me Grow packages?

Get in touch now using the form below!



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The Huddle - Shop, groups and Events for new and expectant parents in Yeovil The Huddle


I have invited Kizzy from The Huddle to guest blog for me talking about The Huddle which is based in The Quedam Centre in Yeovil.  The Huddle is a shop and a support space for new and expectant parents in South Somerset and beyond.  As a Newborn photographer in South Somerset I am always looking for ways I can support my clients throughout their journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond. Kizzy and I share a passion for supporting families, particularly new and expectant parents so I knew Kizzy would be a perfect guest blogger for my business.  The Huddle is such an asset to Somerset families.


Over to Kizzy.....

parent support yeovilThe Huddle in Yeovil Quedam CentreThe Huddle parent support space in Yeovil

Becoming a parent is a privilege and yet the hardest job you will ever do. It is a job that comes with no training, no pay, no appraisals, a huge amount of responsibility and so many questions. Unfortunately, the answer to most of those questions comes with judgment, opinions and a whole barrel of (contradictory) unsolicited advice.


When my son was born, I seemed to fall apart after seeing other people – the doubt, comparisons and feeling like I should take others tips and suggestions. It threw me totally off our natural rhythm. It got me to go against my instincts. I found the bombardment of information from family, friends, health professionals and social media hard to navigate and often contradictory. Yet there never seemed to be an opportunity to share, talk and listen to new parents. Don’t even get me started on the toddler years! Why did they not create antenatal classes and toddler preparing classes!


As a trained early years teacher, play worker, carrying consultant and now parenting consultant I aim to support parents on this crazy journey! In the hope that I can support you the way I believe all parents deserve to be supported from bumps to school aged.


The Huddle is located in Yeovil’s Quedam Shopping Centre and was created mid pandemic in 2020. Why? To provide parent support face to face at a time when everything moved online. With the aim of offering a welcoming, inclusive and judgment free parent support space on the Highstreet.


A shop of two halves


1.The shop

baby toys yeovilShopping at The HuddleToys to support learning and development

Shopping in The Huddle!

The shop sells a range of wooden and sensory toys, accessories and slings. Every item in our shop is handpicked by me. I choose items I have used myself or wish I had known about before and all from independent UK businesses. I have chosen toys that will last and grow with your little one, many have more than one way to play and learn with them. I love nothing more than supporting you to find the right item to suit your little one and your budget. We have our very own toy testers who help me help you by knowing what are the most loved and played with.


Babywearing South West hosts sling clinics and consultations in the shop too. Slings and carriers are available to buy without an appointment. But if you would like personalised support to explore a range of slings, not just the ones we sell in the shop, and learn how to put the carrier on safely and confidently I highly recommend booking a consultation. It will actually save you money!


Feeding support

feeding support yeovilFeeding Support in YeovilThe Huddle offers feeding support to parents in Yeovil

Now we are all out and about more it can become a bit overwhelming for little ones and yourselves. Finding a comfortable and safe space to sit and feed your little one can be a little tricky too. Did you know we have a feeding corner in the shop? Pop in, sit down and take a break, feed and chat.

Bottle feeding? Breastfeeding? Combination feeding? Baby showing signs of reflux? Fussy at the breast/bottle? I am feeding peer support trained, available for free support every day we are open! No appointment needed. What can I help with? Positioning and attachment, how to prepare a bottle, paced and responsive feeding, choosing formula, sign posting to other professionals, sharing useful links, videos and info to support you. This support is also available at all our groups run by me.

Don’t forget that if your baby is under 6 weeks you can call up the postnatal ward yourself and ask to be seen by the infant feeding team. There are also a range of regular feeding support groups. Check out your local health visitor groups, NCT, Le Leche League and other private peer support trained groups.


2.The family support space


Play & Support groups

baby groups yeovilbaby and toddler groups yeovilBaby and toddler groups in Yeovil

Meeting others, sharing experiences, challenges, tips and friendships are a crucial part of surviving parenting! How are groups at The Huddle different?

  • Feeding support available
  • Parent support
  • High quality toys (suitable for your child’s age and development)
  • Run by trained professionals
  • Judgment free! The knowledge shared is up to date information and research based, not opinions. Your experience, choices and family will always be respected.
  • We are actively inclusive and always working on improving
  • Small numbers to help us build a community.
  • A space where you as the parents and family are the priority.  Partners/supporting adults are always welcome – not just the children.


Our groups are held in The Huddle and run by South West Bumps & Beyond C.I.C. A not for profit organisation run by Sarah, Kizzy and Jodie to support parents on their parenting journey.


So what is it we actually offer? How do we book?!

We run a range of groups and one off sessions, and don’t forget out guest professionals too…

  • Waddle – A workshop for expectant parents. Exploring newborn carrying and sling options, safely master a stretchy wrap with me, Kizzy from Babywearing South West! A bit of pampering and exploring nurturing your newborn with Jodie from Hand On Heart Baby massage. Some stretches and relaxation with Kat from Blooming Lotus. As well as a chat about feeding options and considerations, some top tips, refreshments and lots of chance to chat to others.
  • Hatchlings – for those babies aged 4 months and under. A session for new parents, meet others, access support and be with others going through the 4th trimester.
  • Pingu – 5 months to cruising. Play to support sitting, reaching, crawling. Talking introducing solids, sleep, meet others.
  • Happy Feet – walking independently to 4yrs. This session is to let them play! Explore, discover, develop building relationships and speech, language and communication.
  • Huddle – mixed age session from newborn to preschoolers. Lots of different areas set up to keep all happy entertained and safe.
  • We also run monthly groups: Double Yolk, our twins and multiples group. Macaroni, for forces families. Galapagos, LGBTQ+ parents. Super play, run by Super Kids Therapy, a group for children with additional needs.


The groups and timetables are released monthly and can be booked here. You can book one off or the full month. If your preferred session is fully booked, keep an eye out for the weekly last minute spaces posts in case of cancellations.


My passion is in the groups and support offered to parents. Why not come along and see for yourself and become part of our penguin huddle.


Photo credits Kathryn Anne Photography

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Giving Birth during the Covid-19 Pandemic - Rachels Story Giving birth during the Covid-19 pandemic - Rachels story

Giving Birth during the Covid-19 pandemicGiving Birth during the Covid-19 pandemicRachel's story on giving birth during the covid 19 pandemic

At the start of the pandemic


When we first started hearing about the Coronavirus in China in late 2019/early 2020 little did we know that we would be forced to live a life of lockdown from March.  Many people were furloughed from their jobs, businesses including my newborn photography business were forced to close their doors. Pubs, clubs, hotels, gyms and swimming pools were all closed and the only time we could leave the house was for emergencies, essential grocery shopping and exercise.  Hospitals cancelled all non urgent appointments and many pregnant woman were forced to attend hospital, ultra sound and midwife appointments alone.  The challenges that these women have faced have been huge and cause many to feel anxious and alone at a time when they need support and reassurance. 


The hospital maternity wards and midwives have all done an incredible job of helping and supporting these women through this challenging time.  I have also created an amazing support group for women who are pregnant or have just given birth. Originally it was to offer support during the covid-19 pandemic but it has been going so well that it has been decided to keep the group going on a permanent basis.  I asked the ladies in the group if anyone would be willing to share their birth story to help other Mums who are facing the same challenges as they get closer to the birth of their baby.  Rachael was kind enough to share her story which you can read below.


Rachaels Story


Scans and Antenatal Care


At my 12 week screening in Dorchester Hospital back in January I was told my baby had a 1:6 chance of having Down Syndrome. Due to having a miscarriage last year we didn't want to go for any invasive testing that could endanger our baby's life so we decided to have an NIPT test. The results came back over 99% chance our baby girl had Down Syndrome. We decided to just accept she did have it and carried on with the pregnancy as planned. We were placed under consultant care and had a very detailed scan at 20 weeks to check the baby's heart. Everything came back clear and so our next scan was booked for 28 weeks. 

The 28 week scan actually happened at 30 weeks which fell into May this year while we were in lockdown.

My partner was not allowed to accompany me into hospital at this point so I went in alone. At this scan the consultant picked up signs that my placenta was beginning to fail and requested that I return in 2 weeks time. 


At 32 weeks I faced another scan alone. This  one upset me because we had been to the supermarket together on our way to Dorchester hospital but we could not check on our baby's welfare as a couple! It didn't seem fair.

Our little girls growth had slowed right down and so I was asked to return in another 2 weeks but if I felt the baby's movements were slowing or the pattern changed I was told to come to hospital immediately.

The 2 weeks passed and it was soon time for my next scan. I was 34 weeks. Again my partner had to wait outside while the consultant checked our girl. There was increased pressure in the cord and the baby had not grown. I was sent up to the maternity ward for some tracing and steroid injections. My partner was called in so the screening midwife could explain to him what was happening in the corridor outside of the maternity unit. After my trace I was told they would like to perform a planned C-Section on the Wednesday (this was Monday) I returned home after my injection and had to return to the maternity unit the following day (alone again) for another trace and steroid injection. I was also shown around the Special Care Baby Unit. I was pleased to find out both parents could be with the baby on this unit.


The birth

newborn photosBaby EttaNewborn photo of baby Etta

On Wednesday morning we arrived at the hospital ready for the C-Section. I was taken into my room to get prepared while my partner waited outside in the corridor yet again. He was called in as we walked to theatre and once he was gowned up we could finally be together to welcome our baby. 


Little Etta arrived at 10.24am on the 17th June weighing 4lb 1oz. She was absolutely beautiful and had the loudest cry! The Down Syndrome markers were easy to spot as soon as we saw her - a blood test confirmed her T21 diagnosis the following day. We were able to spend time with her while I was being stitched up and then she was taken to SCBU. We were taken back to my room for recovery and my partner was allowed to stay with me for 24 hours, only leaving the ward to visit our baby in SCBU.


Once I was able to stand we could visit our little girl and spend time as a family.



Newborn photoBaby EttaNewborn baby Etta

The following day we were hoping to be discharged to the parents room on SCBU. However Etta had vomited green bile overnight and the drs were concerned she had either a blockage in her intestine or her intestines were not connected. She was transferred by ambulance to Southampton NICU while we followed in the car. When we arrived we waited in yet another corridor to find out what would happen to our baby and if we could stay with her.


The surgical team established Etta' s intestines were in fact connected and they began to clear her blockage with regular bowel washouts. I was offered a bed on the maternity ward but my partner had to go home and commute each day. He was not allowed onto my ward and we could only visit our baby one at a time. 


Etta was in Southampton NICU for 12 days. Her dad would drive up to see her in the evening and sleep on an air bed in his van overnight so he could see her the following morning before heading home. This meant he only had to travel once per day. Due to the pandemic he could not get accommodation close to the hospital and Ronald MacDonald house were only able to take a limited number of families due to social distancing. 

Newborn photosBaby EttaNewborn baby Etta

I was very lucky to have a bed in the hospital for the duration of Ettas stay and I am very grateful to Southampton for allowing me to stay. However it was very difficult to operate as a family. I could only see her dad in the car park or parents room.  Again there was a limit on numbers allowed in the parents room at one time due to social distancing so that wasn't always an option. We could only see Etta one at a time and no other visitors were allowed. So Etta’s sisters and the rest of our families could only see her via FaceTime. We also had to have weekly covid tests.


Wearing a mask constantly around Etta, not being able to hold her for the first 6 days and the general stress and loneliness have not helped my milk supply either. At one point it didn't feel like I had a baby, it felt more like having some sort of pet in a box that I could occasionally stroke!


It is suspected Etta has Hirschsprungs disease which is a condition where some of the nerves are missing from a section of her bowel. She will need a biopsy once she's over 5lb in weight to confirm this. There is an operation for Hirschsprungs if she does in fact have the condition. Southampton have trained me to perform her bowel washouts myself so I can continue her care at home. We were transferred back to Dorchester where my partner and myself could stay in a family room with Etta for 4 nights before coming home yesterday.


All of the staff in both Southampton and Dorchester have been amazing, this is just as hard for them as it is for us. The pandemic has changed the way they can carry out their work and yet none of them complain, they are all a real credit to the NHS.


Thank you


Thank you so much to Rachel for sharing her story and photos.  I know that stories like Rachels will definitely help to reassure other expectant parents.  I also would like to take this opportunity to pass my get well wishes to little baby Etta.


Do you have a pandemic birth story to tell?


Get in touch now if you have a pandemic birth story that you would like featured on my blog.





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Pregnancy and Birth Support South Somerset Facebook group Pregnancy support groupPregnancy and birth support south somerset facebook groupPregnncy and birth support group in south somerset

Pregnancy and Birth Support South Somerset - How it began

As a specialist newborn photographer in Somerset I am regularly in contact with families who are expecting a baby soon or who have just had a baby.  At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic I realised that many families in South Somerset would not only miss having a newborn photoshoot with me but they would also miss many other important things during their pregnancy and 4th trimester.  I made it my mission to support these women and their families through this incredibly anxious time by creating a support group on Facebook.

Pregnancy support south somersetClick here to join the groupJoin the pregnancy support Facebook Group

How I am supporting these women

Live videos in the group

I am part of a baby business networking group called South West Bumps and Beyond.  There are many baby businesses involved including Babywearing South West, Birthzang, Motherslove, Daisy Foundation Yeovil and Sherborne, Kim Jones Wellbing Pregnancy Yoga and Hypnobirthing, Hand on Heart Baby Massage, Placenta Encapsulation Devon and Somerset, Clarity Doula, Moo Music Crewkerne and Ilminster and many others.  Together we have provided the group with Babywearing information, talks on birth, relaxation, Baby massage, Placenta Encapsulation, Hormones in Birth, 4th Trimester, Pregnancy Yoga and Baby music classes.  All of these talks and classes have been provided free of charge to all group members

Blog posts

I have written many blogs covering subjects raised by the group members including:  


Pregnancy support south somersetClick here to join the groupJoin the pregnancy support Facebook Group

Everyone in the group is so supportive and has really made an effort to provide support to those who need it.  Not just the businesses involved but the other Mums and Mums to be.  No question has ever been left without an answer.  


I have also been working on creating a free of charge birth announcement for all group members when they have their babies which can be shared on social media and printed.  Some businesses have offered discounts just for group members which are mentioned in their live video in the group.

Useful information

If I see it I share it!  Any information relating to the maternity hospitals, birth experiences, pregnancy and beyond, if I think it's useful it's shared in the group.

The future of the group

Being a valuable support network for these women and families has been a fantastic use of my time during the lockdown period.  As lockdown restrictions reduce I have to make a decision on the future of the group going forward.  I am pleased to say that the group will be continuing to run for the foreseeable future.  Obviously I won't be able to be around as much as I have been once I am back doing photography sessions and the live videos won't happen as often as classes and pregnancy and birth services resume.  But I will still be there in the group ready to answer your questions and support you as much as I can.

How to join

The group can be joined on Facebook by clicking the link below.

Pregnancy support south somersetClick here to join the groupJoin the pregnancy support Facebook Group

Group for parents of older children

I also have a group for parents of older children.  The group has been quite quiet lately but thats likely to change soon.  The group can be joined by clicking HERE  

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Covid-19 health and safety changes I will be implementing at Angel Eyes Photography Covid-19 health and safety changes I will be implementing at Angel Eyes Photography

Covid-19 health and safety changes I will be implementingCovid-19 health and safety changes I will be implementingCovid-19 health and safety changes I will be implementing at Angel Eyes Photography


Now that restrictions have officially come to an end the studio is pretty much back to pre covid measures.  I always cleaned and sanitised my props etc between sessions anyway so that will continue.

If you're unwell then please reschedule your session by giving me a call.


Vouchers/Gift Cards

Vouchers with a 2020 expiry were extended for 12 months so will have expired now.  I am unable to extend vouchers for any longer unfortunately.  

Vouchers with a 2021 expiry date were extended by 4 months to cover the Jan-April lockdown and will have also now expired.  I am not able to extend these any further unfortunately.

Beginners photography course vouchers with a 2020 expiry date have been extended by 24 months  to cover the length of time that I have not been able to offer group courses due to covid 19.  Courses are now up and running so please use any outstanding vouchers asap as I am not able to extend vouchers any further.

Please note that I am unable to extend vouchers for any longer than this.


Thank you for your continued business during what has been the most difficult time.  I look forward to welcoming you to the studio.




Questions and concerns


If you have any questions or concerns I am more than happy to help.  Please just send me a message or give my a call.  [email protected] or 07936146121

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Child friendly garden activities Child friendly garden activities

Children's garden activitiesChild friendly garden activitiesGarden activities for children

Do you love to spend time in your garden?  Do you want your children to share your love too?  Or maybe they like being outside but have become bored with their outdoor space.  If this sounds like you then read on and I will share with you some great activities to get your children outside and enjoying outdoor learning.


Being outside, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic has so many benefits to health and wellbeing.  




Mud kitchen

mud kitchenmud kitchenmud kitchen

This is an outdoor pretend cooking area with pots, pans, cutlery.  Where your little one creates things from mud!  It needs to be said that if you’re not a fan of your children getting dirty then this might not be the activity for you.  Make sure your little one isn’t wearing their best clothes for this as they are bound to get dirty!  


The kitchen could be made from old pallets and wood and utensils and pots and pans could easily be purchased from the charity shops, secondhand stores or you might be lucky and find someone is giving them away for free.


Butterfly Garden

butterfly gardenbutterfly gardenbutterfly garden

You could also create your own butterfly garden.  Not only are these really pretty but they also attract other wildlife like bees.  Many of the butterfly’s natural habitat is being lost due to building of new houses and other groundwork. 


First of all, you need to know which butterflies are native to your area.  This will help you to know which flowers to plant.


Consider the size of the plants you choose and make sure you have allowed enough room for them to reach maturity.


Both butterflies and the plants they love are attracted to the sun so make sure you pick a spot in your garden which gets a lot of sunlight.


Ideally, you need to plant vegetables and herbs in your garden to give the butterflies a place to lay their eggs.  Plants like carrots, chives, sage or parsley are good choices.


Add stones that are flat to give butterflies a place to rest and spread their wings.


Sunflower growing

sunflower growingsunflower growingsunflower growing

Growing sunflowers is a great way for children to learn about seeds and plants and most children will find it both fascinating and satisfying to see a seed they planted grown into a beautiful sunflower!


Make sure you plant yours where there is plenty of sun and protect them from slugs who sometimes like to feast on small plants.


Rock painting

rock paintingrock paintingrock painting

This is a lovely idea for children who like paining and art and craft activities.  There are loads of ideas on Pinterest too for design ideas.  This is an activity my daughter Kyla particularly enjoys doing.  She hides them in various outdoor locations for people to find.  This has become quite a growing trend now.  You don’t have to hide them though, you can display them in your garden to give it a bit of colour and a personal touch.  Checkout the ideas on Pinterest HERE.




diy windchimesdiy windchimesdiy windchimes

These are a great make.  Not only do they look and sound lovely in any garden, but they are super easy to make.  


These can easily be made from recycled items such as tin cans, lids from tin cans (although you do need to make sure there are no sharp edges), old CD’s which you can decorate with paints and permanent markers, beads and buttons, unwanted cutlery, old keys, plastic lids, coat hangers and sticks.


You could also purchase some bamboo sticks, shells, beads, little terracotta pots, plastic shapes and much more.  Take a look at my Pinterest board for some inspiration.

You can find loads of other bits and pieces to make your own wind chimes HERE.


diy sundialsundialdiy sundial

This is a wonderfully simple thing to make on a bright sunny day.  You can use a paper plate and a stick to make the dial.  Your little one can decorate it however they would like.  When it’s finished, they will be amazed that it can be used to tell the time.  Check out my Pinterest board for some inspiration and instructions on making one.


Bird feeders

diy bird feederdiy bird feederdiy bird feeder

These are really easy to make and can attract lots of different species of bird to your garden.  These can be made out of all sorts of recycled items like milk bottles, cartons, fizzy drink bottles, orange peel, tin cans, glass bottles and used food trays.  Bird seed is easy to source from places like Amazon, supermarkets and garden centres.


To see some of the ideas I have found for the above activities, please visit my Pinterest board HERE.


Garden Games

I have compiled a list of great garden games and accessories you can enjoy with your child, these were all under £10 at the time of writing this too!


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Pregnancy apps you need in your life Pregnancy apps you need in your life

Pregnancy apps you need in your life!Pregnancy apps you need in your life!16 pregnancy apps for ios and android

So, you’ve decided to add to your family, and you want to start trying for a baby or maybe you’re expecting a baby!  Congratulations if you are!  If you’re anything like me though (I need an app for everything!) you might be wondering what pregnancy apps you can download.  Whether it’s to track your periods to find out when you’re most fertile or you want to track your baby through the three trimesters of pregnancy.  Below I have a list of apps that covers everything!


These apps have handy download links for both Apple and Android devices so you don't even need to go searching the app store for your favourite


Period tracking/fertility tracking apps

If you're just thinking about becoming pregnant then these apps are for you.  These period tracking apps help you to track your cycle so you know when you're most fertile.


Clue Period Tracker, Ovulation & Cycle Calendar - Apps on Google Play

Clue is more than a period tracker - it's an accurate menstrual calendar, ovulation app and fertility tracker that helps you make sense of your menstrual cycle. Get predictions and set calendar reminders for your period, track and find patterns in your symptoms, and manage your menstrual health with an app that isn't pink or full of ads.

‎Clue Period & Cycle Tracker

‎The Clue app accurately predicts your period, helps you understand your symptoms, and can be used as a reliable ovulation app, menstrual calendar, fertility tracker, birth control pill reminder, and menstrual cycle tracker complete with your period history. We're not only backed by science; we've g...


Natural cycles

Natural Cycles - Birth Control App - Apps on Google Play

Choose Natural Cycles - the only birth control app that is cleared by the FDA in the US and CE-marked in Europe as a medical device - and take birth control into your own hands. Particle physicist Dr. Elina Berglund initially developed Natural Cycles to offer women an effective, non-hormonal method of birth control.

‎Natural Cycles - Birth Control

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Fertility friend

Fertility Friend Ovulation App - Apps on Google Play

Fertility Friend is an accurate and detailed fertility tracker. Fertility Friend creates an exclusive fertility chart and ovulation calendar with personalized trying to conceive tips and analysis. Track your period and other fertility signs (basal body temperature/BBT, cervical fluid, symptoms, etc).

‎Fertility Friend FF App

‎Fertility Friend is the most trusted and accurate fertility tracker. This app is an advanced ovulation calculator, menstrual calendar, fertility chart and period tracker. It works to help you get pregnant because it interprets your own personal fertility signs. Fertility Friend creates an exclusive...


Pregnancy tracking apps

Once you're pregnant you might want an app that tracks everything in one place such as tips, diet, exercise, kick counting and more


Pregnancy + - Apps on Google Play

Download the world's leading pregnancy app today! Pregnancy+ features expert advice, daily blog articles and interactive 3D models so you can track your baby's development. Our pregnancy app has been downloaded over 30 million times by expecting families, so join our worldwide community of parents-to-be.

‎Pregnancy +

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Full term

Full Term - Contraction Timer - Apps on Google Play

This application is the best and most convenient way to keep track of your labor contractions. I created this application for use during my own wife's labor and have paid special attention to keeping the interface as clean and clutter free as possible.

‎Full Term - Contraction Timer

‎This application is the most convenient way to keep track of your labor contractions. I created this application for use during my own wife's labor and have paid special attention to keeping the interface as clean and clutter free as possible. You have to tap a single button to track the start and...


Ovia pregnancy tracker

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker: Baby Due Date Countdown - Apps on Google Play

Watch your baby grow, log your symptoms and learn what to expect week by week with Ovia Pregnancy! Ovia apps have helped over 13 million women and families - download Ovia Pregnancy today to track your weekly progress, learn more about your baby's development, and countdown to your due date.

‎Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

‎Expecting? Watch your baby grow every day with Ovia Pregnancy! Ovia's personalized approach to tracking your baby's development gives you an app as unique as your pregnancy. NEW feature! My baby names: We're so excited to help you keep track of your favorite baby names (and hopefully find a winner...


Pregnancy weekly tracking apps

These apps help you to visualise your baby's week by week development. 

What to expect pregnancy and baby tracker

Pregnancy & Baby Tracker - Apps on Google Play

Get the pregnancy app and baby tracker chosen by over 15 million moms. This pregnancy tracker app from the world's most trusted pregnancy brand, "What to Expect When You're Expecting," guides you through pregnancy day-by-day and week-by-week. Simply enter your baby's due date (or use our pregnancy due date calculator if you're not sure) and start tracking your baby's growth today.

‎Pregnancy & Baby Tracker WTE

‎Track your baby's growth with the top pregnancy app for moms-to-be! This pregnancy tracker app from the world's most trusted pregnancy brand, "What to Expect When You're Expecting," guides you through pregnancy day-by-day and week-by-week. Simply enter your baby's due date (or use our pregnancy due...


Totally Pregnant

Totally Pregnant - Apps on Google Play

Hi Moms-to-be! We're excited to be on this journey with you! We know that you're busy; we know that you have questions; we know that you don't want to have to trawl through the internet looking for the answers. We know that you want something that's just right for you.

‎Totally Pregnant

‎Hi Moms-to-be! We're excited to be on this journey with you! We know that you're busy; we know that you have questions; we know that you don't want to have to trawl through the internet looking for the answers. We know that you want something that's just right for you.


Pregnancy fitness apps

It's important to stay active during pregnancy, these apps show you what exercise safe to do while you're expecting.

Prenatal workouts

Prenatal Workout - Apps on Google Play

You'll be asked to choose a subscription plan before starting the 7 day free trial. You won't be charged until after the 7-day trial. Follow these safe and gentle routines designed for expecting moms. Get a new workout every day. Each 20-minute workout is tailored to the stage of pregnancy you are in.

‎Prenatal Workout

‎Follow these safe and gentle routines designed for expecting moms. Get a new workout every day. Each 20-minute workout is tailored to the stage of pregnancy you are in. Whether you are trying to conceive, pregnant, or have already given birth, Prenatal Workout has daily workouts for you. Prenatal...


Pregnancy workout advisor

Pregnancy Workout Advisor - Apps on Google Play

Pregnancy Workout Advisor is a perfect companion for a mother-to-be. It advises you on the various workouts ideal for every trimester, the regular workouts you can perform throughout the period of pregnancy, the activities you must avoid, the recommended food that benefits you, and food to be avoided.

‎Pregnancy Workout Advisor

‎*** Named a TOP Pregnancy App of 2015 and 2016 by Healthline *** - Pregnancy Workout Advisor is a perfect companion for a mother-to-be. It advises you on the various workouts ideal for every trimester, the regular workouts you can perform throughout the period of pregnancy, the activities you must...


Baby name apps

These apps help you find the perfect name for your baby.

Baby names by sevenlogics

Baby Names - Apps on Google Play

Packed with more than 30,000 names, Baby Names makes it fun and simple to: ● See a name's meaning, pronunciation, gender, and origin ● Check how popular any name (including your own) was for any year back to 1880 ● Search by name, gender, origin or any of those criteria

‎Baby Names‼

‎Find the perfect baby name with this FREE app. Packed with more than 30,000 names, Baby Names makes it fun and simple to: ● See a name's meaning, pronunciation, gender, and origin ● Check how popular any name (including your own) was for any year back to 1880 ● Search by name, gender, origin or any...


Baby name together

Baby Name Together - Apps on Google Play

Are you fed up with spending hours searching for baby names without ever agreeing with your spouse? Do you hate spending time scouring websites? Want to find a fun and easy way to pass the time when travelling? Then "Baby Name Together" is the app for you!

‎Baby Name Together

‎Are you fed up with spending hours searching for baby names without ever agreeing with your spouse? Do you hate spending time scouring websites? Want to find a fun and easy way to pass the time when travelling? Then "Baby Name Together" is the app for you!


Apps for the Dad

Lets not forget the Dads.  Here are some handy apps for the Dad to download and use.

Daddy up

Daddy Up - Apps on Google Play

Whether you're a new dad or adding another cub to the family, Daddy Up is the man's field guide to pregnancy. - weekly pregnancy tracking - rugged baby-size comparisons - customizable daddy checklist - journal log - contraction counter - shareable baby announcement With wise words from seasoned dads who have been down this trail before, Daddy Up is a handy tool for upcoming dads with more fun, and fewer dainty details about girly bits.

‎Daddy Up

‎Whether you're a new dad or adding another cub to the family, Daddy Up is the man's field guide to pregnancy. - weekly information about your pregnant Lady Lumberjill - rugged weekly baby-size comparisons - customizable daddy checklist - journal log - contraction counter - shareable baby announcemen...


Contractions timer

Contractions Timer for Labor - Apps on Google Play

The best contractions timer for pregnancy, labor and childbirth. Know when your baby is coming. This contraction timer for pregnant and expecting women is invaluable during childbirth! Simple and Beautiful. This app includes averages of each contraction duration and intervals to help during labor.

‎Contraction Timer - Time labor

‎Easily time Labor Contractions with this elegant and extremely user friendly app. A simple one-button interface to start and stop your Contraction timer. It clearly lists the duration of each of your contractions, as well as the interval between each contraction. Also extremely useful for any Dou...


Baby photos app

I'm a newborn photographer so I'm always going to tell you that photos are important.  These apps help you capture your pregnancy with photos with other handy little add ones to make them more personal.


CineMama - Apps on Google Play

Hello, CineMamas! You asked, we listened. CineMama is happy to announce that our updated version of the app now offers new login options. That means Facebook is not the only way to access our fun tool to document your pregnancy and track your belly's growth. And that's not all.


‎Update: This latest version fixes reported crashes. No pictures or data are EVER lost. Please email us at [email protected] immediately with any issues. Hello, CineMamas! You asked, we listened. CineMama is happy to announce that our updated version of the app now offers new login options....


Baby pics

Baby Pics - Apps on Google Play

The original, award-winning baby milestone photo editor. Ranked #1 photo app in 90+ countries. *'A must have for new parents' - Pregnancy & Newborn magazine* *'The perfect pregnancy app for an expecting Mommy' - The Daily Dot* Pregnancy Milestones | Baby Milestones | Big Kid Milestones Parents-to-be & new parents, Baby Pics app is made for you!

‎Baby Pics - Photo Editor

‎The original, award-winning baby milestone photo editor. Ranked #1 photo app in 90+ countries. *Named "BEST NEW APP" by Apple* *'A must have for new parents' - Pregnancy & Newborn magazine* *'The perfect pregnancy app for an expecting Mommy' - The Daily Dot* Pregnancy Milestones | Baby Milestones...



More apps

If you know of any more good apps then feel free to mention them in the comments below


Support group for pregnant woman and those who have just given birth


There is a support group on Facebook for pregnancy women in the South Somerset area, you can join it here



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Five board games suitable for 2 year old toddlers Five board games suitable for 2 year old toddlers

Five board games suitable for toddlersFive board games suitable for toddlersBoard games for toddlers

There are many different board games for children for sale in toy stores and online, so finding the right one for a toddler can be challenging. Most games are too complicated for young children to follow, and many have small, fiddly parts which can be dangerous. At the age of around 2 years old, most children can start to follow the rules of simple games.


Here are five board games suitable for 2 year old boys and girls.


Shopping list by Orchard Toys

toddler board gameboard games for toddlersshopping list board game for toddlers


This award-winning game encourages memory and literacy skills in a really fun way that helps children learn. Suitable for 2 to 4 players, each player picks a trolley or basket that they must fill. Turn over one of the 32 cards showing familiar, everyday items from the supermarket such as eggs, tomatoes, washing powder and toothpaste - if they are on your list, you can pop them in your trolley or basket! The winner is the first player to collect all the items on their list and fill their trolley.

This updated version of our bestselling game is suitable for children aged 3 to 7 and features new style items and lists, including one on a tablet. Children can learn to recognise various grocery products and read the names from their lists. The game can also promote plenty of discussion, not only while playing, but also on a shopping trip to a real supermarket. Children can spot how many items from the game they can see on the shelves!

The game can be supplemented with one or both of the booster packs ('Fruit and Veg' or 'Clothes') to increase the number of players and/or the number of items to buy. The colorful illustrations of everyday items mean the game can be played by young children with no reading ability as well as more advanced learners.


Postbox game by Orchard toys

board games for 2 year oldpostbox game by orchard toystoddler board games


A fun, first colour matching game made especially for little hands. The aim of the game is to post the letters into the matching coloured post boxes. With the option to be played as a single player activity or multi-player game, Post Box Game is great to develop hand-eye coordination, promote colour recognition and introduce first game play. Children will love posting the letters into the coloured post boxes, whilst grown-ups will appreciate the humorous letters, such as 'Debbie Duck, 16 Puddle Lane, Poole, LA53 2PA'. Once children progress, they can also begin to read the addresses on the letters.



Bubble bath bunny by HABA

bubble bunny for 2 years oldsbubble bunny toddler board gamegames for toddlers

Bubble bath bunny is splashing about in the bathtub with his two ducks when suddenly his toys disappear in the suds. Where are the bucket, whale and boat? whoever can correctly recognise colours and symbols, can help little bunny find all his bath toys. Winning is fun, losing not so much. But both belong together - in life and in play. Playing is fun and offers variety. Playing teaches patience. Playing lets us be Happy for other players and learn to get over our own defeats. Playing also incidentally and unconsciously trains concentration, memory, reaction skills and lots more. Everyone who plays has the chance to win - in every new round of the game or in life in general.


Domino by HABA

domino board gamedomino game for 2 year oldsgames for 2 year old toddlers

playing fun for the littlest ones

with cheerful, colourful building site motifs to discover and name

encourages concentration and first understanding of game rules

15 extra-large domino cards made of robust cardboard


Lucky ducks by Goliath Games

lucky ducks gamelucky ducks game for toddlerstoddler games


The wacky Quacky memory and matching game! Watch the ducks swim around the pond and try to find the ones that match your symbol If you find a match keep the duck If not then put it back First player to find 3 matching ducks wins! Lucky ducks combines developmental skills like colour matching and shape recognition with the fun of a “my first game” The extra challenge of the swimming ducks makes the game more fun parents and kids to play and Learn together For 2-4 players Ages 3 years and up Requires 2x AA batteries (not included) Includes motorized pond 12 ducks and complete instructions.


If you know of any more games suitable for toddlers please post them below in the comments.


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Potty training during lockdown including free printable reward chart Potty training during lockdown including free printable reward chart

Potty training tipspotty training during lockdownpotty training tips

Have you considered potty training your little one whilst we are on lockdown?  This could be the perfect opportunity to start as we aren’t going out at the moment.


Before you start though it’s important to know if your little one is showing signs that they are both physically and mentally ready, starting too soon can lead to frustration on both parts and isn’t recommended when we all have so much to deal with right now.


Signs your little one is ready to start

potty training tipspotty training tipsTips for nailing potty training during lockdown

You’re changing fewer wet nappies.  Until the age of around 20 months, children wee frequently so expecting them to have the ability to hold their bladders is probably unrealistic.  A toddler who stays dry for an hour or two at a stretch and occasionally wakes with a dry nappy is physically ready for potty training.


Your child’s poos are predictable.  If your child usually poos around the same time each day it can give you a great insight to when to put the potty out booting the likelihood of success.


They broadcast when they are ‘going’.  Some children are happy to let you know when they are pooing or weeing whether this is by actually saying it to you or by letting you know in other ways like hiding or going quiet and concentrating with the odd little grunt lol.  This is a sign they are ready for potty training.


Your little one doesn’t like having a soiled nappy.  If your little one is eager to escape their soiled nappy as soon as possible this is a prime opportunity to start potty training.


Before you start

potty training ideaspotty training ideasIdeas for potty training

Let your child choose their own potty.  This might be harder at the moment since we are restricting how often we go out, but you could try looking online.  Maybe choose two or three that you would be happy with and let your little one choose from those.


Empty their nappy in the toilet.  When your child gets closer to actual potty training and are starting to show some signs, show them where the poo goes and empty their nappy into the toilet!  Let them flush the toilet to.  This helps them to see that this is where to poo goes!


When you start

toilet training advicetoilet training adviceadvice on toilet training

Get in to a routine.  Don’t keep asking your child if they need a wee or a poo as they might not know to begin with.  Call it potty or toilet time and get them to visit to potty or toilet every couple of hours.


The after dinner wee.  Have your child use the potty 20-30 minutes after meals.  The body has a natural reflex to poo after meals.


Get boys to sit down to wee.  This is helpful for when they might need to poo as well as wee and can prevent them from getting in to a mess.


Get the aim right.  Whether he’s sitting or standing you need to show your little boy how to aim. (This could also be a good opportunity to give your husband or teenager a refresher course too!!).  His willy needs to point down in to the toilet or potty!  We used to get our son to sit the other way round on the potty so the bit at the back that’s raised the most is as the front, this prevents the willy from coming out a help stop any going on the floor.


Teach girls how to ‘wipe’.  Teach your daughter to wipe from front to back to avoid any bacteria spreading.  If this is hard for your little girl then she could pat dry or just hold the tissue paper there for a few seconds.


Potty training friendly clothing.  Be sure to dress your child in something easy to pull down.  Choose elasticated waistbands over button and fly.  Definitely avoid dungarees and vest to fasten at the crotch.


Praise, praise, praise.  It’s important to praise your child for every step.  Sitting on the potty, pulling down their own pants, washing hands and actually weeing or pooing while on the potty should never go unpraised.  Reward charts work really well.  I have included a link to download two potty training charts, you can use stickers or colouring pens or pencils on these.  Download yours by clicking the link at the end of my blog.




Patience is key.  Potty training can take some time to learn so don’t be surprised if there are lots of accidents to start with.  Is is super important not to punish your child or act disappointed.  Let your child know that this can happen sometime and is all part of learning potty training.  You might find that your little one just isn’t quite ready, if this is the case delaying potty training by a few weeks can make all the difference.


When to delay potty training

potty training problemspotty training issuestroubleshooting potty training

Trust your instincts.  If your child is unwell, you’re about to have another baby or your toddler is making the transition from cot to bed you might want to put off potty training even if your child is showing all the signs of being ready.


You’re ready but your toddler isn’t.  You have everything in place, but your toddler is less than interested even though they are showing all of the physical signs of being ready.  Sometime parents can be anxious to get their little one’s toilet trained ready for preschool or maybe a holiday.  It’s important that your child is ready both mentally and physically so if your little one isn’t showing an interest it’s better to delay this until they are.  Just be patient and don’t force the issue.  Just like other milestones, each child has their own schedule when it comes to toilet training.




Child has lost interest.  It’s not uncommon for a toddler who was once participating in potty training quite happily to then decide they are no longer interested.  When positive praise isn’t enough to keep your child interested and they are no longer interested in the reward chart it’s important to look for reasons why.  This could be caused by illness, starting school or preschool, a new sibling or anything else that may unsettle a child.  The good news is that this is usually a temporary problem.  If your child has been out of nappies for some time it isn’t recommended to go back to nappies.  Sometimes children just need reassurance of a new situation they face or just need time to adapt to the new living arrangements or routine.


Child will only poo in a nappy.  This is a much more common problem than you think.  Children are often startled by the sensation of a bowel movement falling away from them and the splash from the toilet water.  They feel more secure when pooing in their nappies.  If this is happening to your child, it’s preferable to let them wear a nappy temporarily than risk them holding it in as it could cause constipation.  As soon as they have finished in the nappy, remove it in the bathroom and empty the contents in the toilet and encourage them to flush the loo and wash their hands after.  This issue can be quite frustrating for parents but it’s important not to force your child to use the potty or toilet no matter how tempting that might be.  Eventually they will get over their fear so it’s important you’re there to praise them after.


Free downloadable and printable potty training reward chart. 


As promised, there are two reward charts below that you’re welcome to download and print.  These should help incentivise the use of the potty for your child.  You can either get your child you use colouring pencils on the chart or get some small stickers to use.  To download one or both you just need to click on the images below.


free potty training reward chartToilet and Potty Training Reward Chartpotty training reward chart printable and free

potty training reward chartPotty Training Reward Chartprintable reward chart for potty training



More tips


If you have your own tips then I would love to hear them.  Just pop them in the comments below.


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Creating a Time Capsule for the covid 19 pandemic covid-19 time capsuleCreate your own covid-19 time capsuleFree of charge printable time capsule

Creating a Covid-19 time capsule


As a newborn portrait photographer who has had to close their business temporarily due to the Coronavirus outbreak, I have been finding things to keep me busy during the lockdown period.  This year is definitely going to go down in history.  The year of the Covid-19 pandemic and everyone except those most needed workers had to stay home, not go to work and no one could visit their family and friends.  Whilst looking for positive things to do while at home I found this idea which I love so just had to share it with you all.


How to mark this historical event


Have you considered marking this historical moment with a Time Capsule?  Wouldn’t it be lovely for us all to look back at this moment in years to come?  Even though things might seem a little bleak now, I know it will be something really interesting to share with future generations.


You don’t even need to search for a time capsule template as I have two great ones that you can access completely free of charge!


Time Capsule downloads


covid-19 time capsuleCovid-19 ime capsulecreate you own time capsule for the covid-19 pandemic


First up is the template from Long Creations.  Their printable Time capsule worksheet includes:


  • Page to draw a family picture
  • All about me
  • How I’m feeling
  • My community
  • What I am doing at home
  • Handprint page
  • Special occasion page
  • Letter to myself page
  • Interview for the parents
  • Letter from the parents


Long creations have lots of versions too including:


  • A US version
  • Canadian version
  • French version
  • Spanish version
  • Metric Version
  • And an alternative front page
  • A US version for Adults
  • A Canadian version for adults
  • Metric version for adults
  • Pregnancy version


As well as the following bonus pages:


  • For new parents
  • For birthdays
  • For teachers
  • For graduations


Free covid-19 taime capsulefree printable covid-19 time capsuleDownload your free covid-19 time capsule


So, they really have covered absolutely everything here.  To download your own copy of one of these time capsule worksheets please visit their website by clicking HERE.


Last up is North Shore Mums.  They have teamed up with Blossom Printables to create a free printable Covid-19 time capsule for kids.


printable time capsuletime capsule for coronavirus pandemicfree of charge prontable time capsule for coronavirus pandemic


Their time capsule includes the following:


  • All about me
  • What I miss the most
  • The price of everyday items right now
  • Where were you when Coronavirus happened
  • Who were you as a person?
  • What were your favourite things?
  • How did you connect with friends?
  • What did you do to stay busy at home?
  • How did you celebrate big occasions?
  • What did you enjoy about staying home?
  • What were the challenges?
  • What are your dreams and hopes for the future for when it’s all over?


This is a great one for kids to do.  You can download your copy by clicking HERE.

Covid-19-Time-Capsule-covercovid-19 time capsule free



Have fun creating your time capsules and if you know of any other time capsule ideas or websites offering free downloads then please do mention these in the comments below.



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Online baby shower ideas for during lockdown Online baby shower ideas for during lockdown

Online baby shower during lockdownOnline baby shower during lockdownIdeas for an online baby shower during pandemic

Since the government announced full lockdown on 23rd March 2020 countless events have been cancelled and that might include your baby shower.  The idea of having a traditional baby shower is out of the question at the moment.


It is of course a necessary measure to control the spread of the coronavirus and keep everyone as safe as possible.  Just because we all have to stay at home though doesn’t mean parents to be can’t have a memorable baby shower.


In this blog I am going to give you some ideas to help you have or create the perfect lockdown baby shower!


A ‘Zoom’ baby shower


Zoom is a great way for you to connect with lots of people at the same time.  In fact, you can have up to 100 participants in one zoom meeting!  Their basic account is free and usually limited to just 40 minutes, however, since the lockdown many meeting hosts have been able to extend their meetings free of charge.  You don’t need to download the app if you’re using a web browser.


A ‘Skype’ baby shower


Similar to Zoom except you can only have 50 guests.  It’s free to use.  There is no password protection on Skype though.  I believe there are no time limits though.


A ‘Facetime” baby shower


This is a free video service offered by Apple for Apple devices.  This is only good as long as you and all of the guests have an Apple device.  You can have up to 32 people in one Facetime call though.



Who should host?


You can ask a close friend or family member to organise the shower for you or if you want to you can host yourself!



Here’s some great ideas for a virtual baby shower:


  • You could arrange for decorations to be sent to the parents to be and guests so everyone can decorate beforehand.


  • You could use an app like Free prints photo books to create a guest book that all of the guests can contribute to and have it sent to the parents to be to open during the online baby shower.


  • Send the parents to be your gifts to open during the shower.  The parents could even create an amazon wish list for this so you can make sure you get something they need.  Amazon offer a gift wrap service for some items too so you could have the gift delivered directly to the parents.



Games for the online baby shower


  • Jackbox Games:  This company offer a large selection of games suitable for an online baby shower.  You can play them on a phone, tablet or laptop.  Each game does have a player limit, but you can all take it in turns.  The guests not taking part in the game can join as audience members.


  • The price is right:  The parents to be choose four or five or more if you like, baby items they have bought, and the guests have to guess the price!  The guests write there guess on paper and everyone shows theirs at the same time, the closest to the price wins!


Already had an online baby shower?


Have you done a virtual baby shower yourself?  I would love to hear how it went in the comments section below.  Would also love to hear if you have any ideas you can add.


Facebook Group


There is a Facebook group for supporting pregnant woman and those who have just given birth during the pandemic.  If you think you would find it useful you would be welcome to join, just click HERE





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DIY Newborn photo shoot at home guide DIY Newborn photos

Bottoms up pose with hat - newborn photographer somersetBottoms up pose with hat - newborn photographer somersetBeautiful Oliver came from Chard in Somerset for his newborn photo shoot.

We are definitely finding ourselves in strange and uncertain times at the moment with everything bar essential services and shops temporarily closing its doors to customers in a worldwide effort to control the spread of Covid-19.


It’s a really worrying time for everyone but when you’re also bringing new life into the world it can be a particularly worrying time indeed.  (By the way, I wrote a blog about coping with pregnancy anxiety during the pandemic – Click HERE to read it)


Having photos taken by a professional photographer is out of the question at the moment as it isn’t classed as an essential service and my newborn photography would of course put me in close contact with you and your baby which is a risk to all of us.


I have been feeling really sad about not working and thinking of my lovely clients who won’t get the opportunity to have a professional newborn photo shoot at my Somerset photography studio.  I have been trying to think of ways I can help during this crisis and have written a guide for taking your own newborn photos at home! 


You don’t need a fancy camera or any photography skills to capture some lovely memories for you to cherish.


It's important to note that to practice newborn photography safely you do need to undertake proper training.  Photos you see of baby supporting themselves in the froggy pose are photoshopped to make it look like they are doing it by themselves.  Your baby should also never be more than an arms length away from someone who can watch the baby at all times.  Please be aware that this is a guide only and not training so keep your poses safe and simple.


DIY newborn photoshootDIY Newborn photo shoot guideDownload your free guide here

The guide is completely free of charge and only requires you to sign up to my mailing list.  You have my word that you can unsubscribe at any time (straight after you've downloaded the guide if you like) and your email will only be used on Angel Eyes Photography's mailing list and never passed to any third parties.


If you’re expecting still, then I also have a guide for capturing your own maternity photos too!  Click HERE to read it now.


There is a support group on Facebook for pregnant woman and families who have just given birth, check it out but clicking HERE!


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DIY Maternity photos for during covid 19 pandemic DIY Maternity Photography

diy maternity photographyDIY Maternity photographyCapture your own maternity photos through the covid 19 pandemic

Many women choose to have professional maternity photos taken before their baby arrives.  These photo shoots are a lovely way to remember that special time in your life.


At the moment though with photography studios like mine forced to close their businesses temporarily during the Covid 19 pandemic, many women just like you will likely miss the opportunity to capture their pregnancy with a professional photographer.


So, I am writing this blog today to tell you that you don’t have to miss this opportunity.  You can do your own maternity session with my handy guide below.


You don’t need to have any formal photography training to be able to capture some precious memories, you don’t even need to have a DSLR or fancy camera.  You can use the camera on your phone and still get some wonderful photographs to treasure.


Firstly, here are a few tips to help you get the most from your DIY maternity session:


  • Try to take your photos when you are between 30 & 36 weeks.  You want to have a nice sized bump for the photos and waiting too long could mean you miss the opportunity altogether if you go into early labour.
  • Get your props ready!  This can be baby shoes, baby on board sign, balloons, ultrasound photos, wooden letters, chalk board signs, flowers etc etc
  • If you want to include your partner in a few then make sure you know how to use your phone or cameras self-timer. 
  • A tripod would be handy but if you don’t have one then you can always sit your phone or camera on something like a table or chair for example.
  • Plan your clothing in advance.  This could be just your underwear, a body suit, a long dress or something more casual like jeans and a top.
  • If you plan to wear just your underwear, make sure you wear something light weight in the 2-3 hours leading up to when you plan to take the photos, you don’t want lines on your skin from the seams.


Tips for shooting outside


  • If you decide to shoot outside for the session then plan to do this during golden hour which is 1-2 hours before sunset.  The sunlight is at its best quality during this time.  If you can’t do golden hour then choose an overcast day so you don’t get harsh shadows.
  • If you’re shooting outside in sunlight make sure the sun is behind you or to the side of you.
  • Keep an eye on what’s in the background, you don’t what the top of a tree growing out of your head!


Tips for shooting inside


  • Remember to choose rooms that are nice and light.
  • Shoot close to a window to get the best light but not in direct sunlight
  • Use other locations in your home that are nice and light too to give variety like the bedroom, conservatory, front room, nursery etc
  • You could even do a milk bath session with some nice flowers and or fruit slices.


Posing inspiration


Standing with hands on bump

diy pregnancy shootDIY Maternity photographycapture your own maternity photos

Sitting with legs crossed on the floor

diy bump shootDIY Pregnancy shootpregnancy shoot at home

Lying on back

diy maternity photosDIY maternity photosdiy maternity photoshoot

Hands creating a heart on your bump

Amber Maternity-37Amber Maternity-37

Standing in front of a window to create a silhouette

Holding scan photo on bump

Get older siblings involved


For more inspiration I have created a Pinterest board for DIY maternity photos which you can find here


I hope you find this helpful.  If you’re pregnant or just had a baby and looking for more support during the covid 19 pandemic then I have a Facebook Group set up to provide support, you can join here


If you have any questions at all then you're welcome to comment below.




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Coping with Pregnancy Anxiety during the Covid 19 Pandemic Coping with Pregnancy Anxiety during the Covid 19 pandemic

Music Store Etsy BannerMusic Store Etsy Banner


A few months ago, you were thrilled to see that positive pregnancy test result.  Now you’re faced with the possibility of giving birth during the Covid 19 pandemic.


In my new group on Facebook many mums to be have said they are nervous and concerned about their birth and what will happen in the next few weeks.  It’s an understandably worrying time.


I am making it my priority while my studio is temporarily closed to help these women through these uncertain times so on today’s blog, I will be sharing some videos and tips on coping with anxiety during pregnancy.


  1. Talk about it

pregnancy anxiety covid 19Coping with pregnancy anxiety during covid 19

It’s important to talk about it to someone you trust.  I know that might not be possible face to face but technology is on our side during this pandemic so you could use facetime, zoom, whatsapp video call, skype or House Party to name a few.  Sometimes a listening ear is just what you need.


  1. Exercise

Pregnancy anxiety during coronavirusPregnancy anxiety during coronavirus

I understand that you’re limited to what you can do exercise wise due to self-isolating so I recommend Pregnancy yoga or online exercises specifically for pregnant women.  Exercise has been proven to relieve the symptoms of anxiety.. Here’s some free classes I found online.


Birthzang are offering free taster courses here





  1. Meditation and mindfulness

Mindfulness and meditation are proven methods to reduce anxiety.  I found a couple of Youtube videos to help with this.




  1. EFT Tapping


This is like mindfulness but includes a technique called Tapping.  I can personally recommend this.  I have used EFT tapping to help to calm my mind during these uncertain times and found it helpful.  Here’s a link to the video I used.






  1. Get enough rest

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Would anyone like to do a photo challenge or a photo competion_ It would include kids and adults!  Which one would you prefer_  Comment below!Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Would anyone like to do a photo challenge or a photo competion_ It would include kids and adults! Which one would you prefer_ Comment below!

Well this is much easier said than done, especially during the last few weeks of pregnancy!  But getting enough rest is a great way to stay on top of your anxiety. If you’re find it hard to sleep or to stay asleep then try having a nap during the day.


  1. Talk to a healthcare professional


If you find that anxiety is having a significant impact on your everyday life then talking to your healthcare provider is a must. They will be able to point you in the right direction to find help. The sooner you do this the better. Please don’t feel embarrassed to talk about your anxiety.



I hope you have found this blog helpful. If you have any ideas you could add to this please do let me know in the comments below.


More Support


For more support during your pregnancy, childbirth and after please join my group on Facebook by clicking here


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Three reasons to invest in maternity photos Three reasons to invest in maternity photos


Pregnancy is a life-changing, surreal and magical experience, isn’t it? So, it’s only natural that you may want to capture this special time with beautiful and unique maternity photos.


As a mother of three myself, I think back fondly to all of my pregnancies.


While I may not have loved every aspect of being pregnant (nausea, sore boobs and swollen ankles anyone?), it certainly was an incredibly special time.


I regret that I didn’t have any professional maternity portraits taken at the time. It would have been wonderful to have that to look back on now.


But back then, maternity photography wasn’t really the done thing.

Now though, maternity and pregnancy photography is widely available and increasingly popular.


So, if what I’m sharing in the blog today resonates with you, do get in touch to discuss the possibility of having your own maternity photoshoot.


Three reasons to have maternity photos taken


1. A maternity photoshoot is a celebration of your pregnancy

I believe pregnancy is the beginning of an exciting journey.

It’s an unforgettable experience and the first step on your journey to becoming a mum.

 “A grand adventure is about to begin” – A. A. Milne


Yep, pregnancy is both a genuine privilege as well as the start of something truly wonderful.


So, in my mind, it makes complete sense that you might want to document this special time with maternity photos.


Your body is working incredibly hard during your pregnancy. It’s working it’s magic to form a baby that you’ll soon meet and love from the very first sight. You’re creating another little person. How incredible is that?!


Maternity photos give you the chance to celebrate your pregnancy and reflect on all the wonderful things that are happening inside you.


The photo session is an opportunity to reflect on the joy you feel at the prospect of becoming a parent and the love you already feel for your unborn baby.


Maternity photos will give you lasting mementoes of this significant time in your life – a time that I just know you’ll love to look back on in the future.



2. Special memories captured forever


You’ll have been forewarned about this already, but once your new baby is born, it’s likely that life will suddenly get a bit more hectic!


You’ll have a little person to care for and look after, and you’ll be amazed at how much becoming a mother impacts your life.


A funny thing will happen too – life will suddenly start flying by at a rate of knots!


Whereas you may have felt like the nine months you were pregnant dragged on forever, believe me, the first nine months of your new baby’s life will fly by!


And when time flies, it becomes harder to remember every little detail.


With sleep deprivation and baby brain in the mix too, as a new parent, you may sometimes feel that you can barely remember your own name!


Which is why I believe maternity photography is so important.


Your maternity photos will capture you in the final weeks of your pregnancy – a time that may otherwise be forgotten once you become a busy parent.


The photos will become precious memories for you to look back on, and you’ll have them forever to enjoy.


Your child(ren) will also love looking back at the photos. They’ll find it fascinating to think that they used to be inside your tummy!


“In a child’s eyes, a mother is a goddess.” – N.K. Jemisin


3.  You look ‘blooming’ marvellous!


Ok, so pregnancy may not be glamorous all the time. You may feel big and uncomfortable towards the end. But when you’re pregnant you look amazing! Honestly!


It’s well known that expectant mums ‘bloom’. You’ll have great skin, shiny hair, and have a special glow that comes from being pregnant.


Which makes it a great time to have maternity photos taken. Even if you don’t feel it, you are a vision of health during pregnancy and the photos will capture this.


My clients proudly hang their maternity photos around their home for friends and family to see, and so should you! You look an amazing mummy-to-be, so enjoy it and show off your photos with pride!


Why invest in maternity photos?


In the past, maternity photography may have been considered a luxury, or not even considered at all. But these days, taking pregnancy photos is becoming a much larger part of my work.


More and more of my clients are choosing to invest in maternity photos, to capture their pregnancy and to celebrate their journey towards becoming a parent.


Whether it’s your first baby or your last, a maternity photoshoot is a wonderful way to celebrate the new life that you have created and to capture how beautiful you look as you prepare to become a mother.


When to book your maternity photoshoot


If you’d like to find out more about my maternity and pregnancy photography services, please visit my website and view my maternity photo gallery here. Then, contact me via this form to enquire.


Please note that the best time for maternity photos is in the final weeks of your pregnancy – between 30 and 36 weeks pregnant –but it’s important that you book in advance (soon after your 20-week scan ideally) to secure your slot.  


Don't miss this amazing offer!


I have an amazing offer on at the moment too!  Book a Newborn session before you reach 30 weeks pregnant and I will gift you a free Signature Maternity Session!

Maternity photo shoot offerMaternity photo shoot offerMaternity photo shoot offer at angel eyes photography


Other great reads

Head over to Brookes blog to see her blog about the best landscape photographers - Sandpiper Photography



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Newborn Session Packing Checklist Newborn Session Packing Checklist


I very often get asked this so I thought it would be handy to do a checklist so you know what to bring with you to your newborn session with me.

Newborn Indie all wrapped up with heartNewborn Indie all wrapped up with heartNewborn Indie all wrapped up in my potato sack pose taken at my somerset photography studio

Newborn Session Checklist


  1. Wet wipes!  I do have these at the studio incase people forget but if your little one has sensitive skin you may wish to bring your own.  FYI I use Huggies wipes in the cream/yellow packet.
  2. Formula milk if you're bottle feeding.  Babies tend to drink more than usual during a newborn session so it's important you bring plenty of milk on the day.  I recommend those premade bottles with teats or the premade milk you pour in to baby bottles.  If you'd rather use powder though I have a Tommee Tippee perfect prep machine you're welcome to use.  Don't forget to bring plenty of bottles!
  3. Musin clothes.  You can never have enough of these!
  4. Nappies bring more than you think you'll need just incase.
  5. Snacks for yourself
  6. Drinks (I do provide tea, coffee and bottled water)
  7. Any personal items you want to include in the session such as teddy bear, blanket etc
  8. Clothes for you to wear for the photographs of you all as a family (Even if you think you won't want photographs just incase)
  9. Spare clothes just incase baby goes to the toilet on you which does sometimes happen!
  10. Maternity pads, although I do have some available for you to use, they're in my loo in the draw, no need to ask if you can use these, just help yourself.
  11. Breast pads, I have some of these too if you need them
  12. Painkillers if you need them for any post birth/c section pain.
  13. Dummy, even if you're not using one right now, sometimes it really helps to use one for the session as it does help babies who are over feeding for comfort to settle away from their Mummy.
  14. Any clothes you want baby to wear for any of the photographs such as hats, headbands, baby grows.  This isn't essential though as I have loads of props we can use.


I think that's all

I think that's it but if I do think of anything else I will keep updating the list so if you have a session booked with me soon please come back to check if there are any more items added to the list.

Have you booked your newborn session?

If the answer is no and you are due in the next 3-4 months I strongly advise you to start thinking about booking a session soon.  Most newborn photographers take bookings as early as just after the first scan so it's not too early to start making enquiries.  My newborn packages are all listed on my website here Newborn Packages.

Other great reads

If you're planning on doing Elf on a Shelf this year then Amy has some great ideas over on her blog.  You can read it here Newborn Photographer Shropshire

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Black Friday Offers at Angel Eyes Photography Black Friday Offers




It's that time of year again when everyone is out looking for good deals on products and services!

This year Angel Eyes Photography have a few offers running which I am talking about on today's blog!


Offer 1

Buy one, get one FREE on my family mini session vouchers.  So buy one voucher for £39 and get another absolutely free!  These would make great gifts for family and friends and with this black friday offer making the vouchers less than £20 each its a deal not to be missed.  To claim your free voucher, head over to my voucher order page here voucher order page add two vouchers to your basket and use code 'blackfriday' to reduce the cost to £39 all together.  Absolute bargain not to be missed!

Lisa Family-5 copyLisa Family-5 copy

Offer 2

My next offer is a Monochrome Mini Session for just £20!  

Images for this session are in black and white only and include:

20-30 minutes session at my studio

1 digital image

Face to face ordering appointment

Option to purchase more products from my optional extras price list.

Only two dates available so book soon to avoid disappointment.

To claim your session for just £20 head over to my Monochrome Mini Session booking page choose your slot for the session and ordering appointment and use the coupon code 'blackfriday' to claim the discount.

Offer 3

Now this one is only for clients that have been to me for a session this year (2019).  I always like to give extra special treatment to those who have been to me for a session so if you have been to Angel Eyes Photography for a session in 2019 the this offer is just for you!  So if your family and friends would love one of your images on their own Acrylis Orb you can save an amazing 30%

Save 30% on an Acrylic Orb!  These are by far my most popular wall product and are available in the following sizes:







Save up to £343!!!

Please just get in touch on or before 29th November 2019 to order you Orb.  Please note that you must have the digital file of the image you'd like printed on the Orb.  Orb prices are on my website here Optional Extras


Hurry!  Offers end soon

All offers will end on 29th November at 23:59 so please don't delay claiming just in case you forget and miss the deadline!!

More great reads

Kathryn from Kathryn Hill photography has some great reads on her blog and you can take a look at it here Mobile newborn baby photographer


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45 photo ideas to capture your Christmas Christmas photo list


The festive season is just around the corner and I know that I will want to capture the occasion so that I have fond memories of Christmas to look back on. 


I have compiled a list of must take photos to ensure you don’t miss capturing a single thing this Christmas. 


Photos to take this Christmas 


  1. Choosing your Christmas tree (if you buy a real one). 
  2. Putting up the tree and decorations.
  3. Christmas Tree when finished.  Christmas tree upChristmas tree upfirst day of Christmas decor
  4. Your favourite Christmas decoration. 
  5. Close up of tree ornaments. 
  6. The star or angel on the top of the tree. 
  7. Photo of nativity ornaments if you have them. 
  8. Outside of your house (if you put decorations up outside). IMG_0078IMG_0078
  9. Wreath on front door. 
  10. Advent calendar. 
  11. Opening first door on calendar. 
  12. Christmas nails.                 Christmas nailsChristmas nailsmy Christmas nails  
  13. Doing Christmas crafts. 
  14. Doing Christmas baking. 
  15. Visiting Santa.                      IMG_0324IMG_0324
  16. Christmas card writing. 
  17. Your first received Christmas card. 
  18. Writing the letters to Santa. 
  19. Posting the letter to Santa.  
  20. All dressed up for a Christmas party. 
  21. Christmas jumper on Christmas jumper day. 
  22. Watching Christmas films. 
  23. School nativity play or carol concert (if Photography is allowed). 
  24. Christmas shopping outings. 
  25. Wrapping presents. 
  26. The Christingle candle (if you go). 
  27. Christmas Eve boxes.            IMG_5916IMG_5916
  28. Christmas dinner preparations.  
  29. All stockings hung up. 
  30. Putting out reindeer food. 
  31. Father Christmas’s milk and mince pie etc. 
  32. Reading Christmas story at bed time. 
  33. Presents under the tree.                      IMG_0419IMG_0419
  34. Mug of hot chocolate. 
  35. Children in their Christmas pyjamas. 
  36. Children asleep on Christmas Eve. 
  37. Footprints. 
  38. The clock when the children wake up. 
  39. Opening presents. 
  40. Breakfast on Christmas morning. 
  41. The calendar on 25th December.  
  42. Photo in front of the tree. 
  43. A kiss under the mistletoe.  
  44. Christmas dinner. 
  45. All the family round the table on Christmas Day. 


You don’t have to do them all


Of course you don’t need to do them all. If you do decide to some then I would love to see how you captured your Christmas. 


You don’t need a fancy camera


You don’t need a fancy camera to capture memories. Your phone will be fine as long as you’re not planning to print the pictures very large. I took some of the photos on this blog with my phone.  A DSLR camera or bridge camera would definitely be better but don’t worry if you don’t have one. A DSLR camera and some bridge cameras do have a better ability to be artistic and work better in low light situations. 



Do you have a DSLR or bridge camera but don’t know how to use it?


If you answered yes then why not take a look at my beginners photography course. The course is jam packed with information on how to correctly expose your images covering iso, shutter speed and aperture. Plus so much more. I have some really good feedback about my courses to!


Not sure what you want for Christmas this year?


Did you know I offer vouchers for my DSLR courses/photography courses? Well I do and they make perfect Christmas gifts. Whether you’re going to ask a loved one to buy one for you or you’re going to buy one for a loved one, the course will definitely not disappoint you or the recipient!


Other great reads

Carli from Bailie and Belle has written a great blog about where to shop now that Mothercare has closed.  You can give it a read here --> Baby Photographer Hertfordshire



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40 Ideas for Christmas Eve boxes 40 Christmas Eve Box ideas

40 ideas for Christmas Eve boxes40 ideas for Christmas Eve boxesChristmas Eve box ideas

Christmas Eve boxes are quite a new thing in our family.  We have probably been doing them for maybe 4-5 years.  I think I saw the idea first on Facebook.  I love Christmas and therefore loved the idea of giving something Christmassy on Christmas Eve and its something my children really look forward to now. 


You don’t need to spend lots of money buying a pre-made  box with the contents included.  You can easily create your own.  You might be wondering what you can put in them so I have compiled a list of suggestions for you to create your very own Christmas Eve boxes.  The beauty of these is that you can spend as much or as little as you want to, you don’t have to buy everything on the list.


Where can I find a nice box


So first things first, you need something to put the items in.  


A Christmas bag - If you don’t want to spend lots on a box you can simply use one of the larger Christmas gift bags and use that, it doesn’t have to be a box.  These can be purchased in loads of different shops so they are really easy to get hold of.


Boxes - Poundland have a variety of different sized boxes which would be perfect for a Christmas Eve box.  I have also seen other stores selling nice boxes, Homesense, Wilkos, Amazon to name a few.


Wooden Crate - If you’re looking for something more sturdy though a wooden crate is a great idea and these can be bought from most home stores such as Dunelm, Homesense, The Range etc.  


Hamper basket - These are also a great idea for Christmas Eve boxes and they can be bought from lots of different stores such as Amazon, Dunelm, Poundland, Wilkos and more.


What shall I put in the box


When filling your box or whatever you decided to buy to hold your contents consider the age of your child/children so you can make sure the contents are suitable.  Here is my list of ideas:


  1. Christmas nightwear

  2. Hot chocolate

  3. Reindeer food

  4. Christmas themed Sweets

  5. Christmas themed Chocolates

  6. Christmas glass

  7. Christmas plastic cup

  8. Christmas mug

  9. A Christmas book for bedtime

  10. Christmas decoration for the tree

  11. A new plate to put Santa’s treat on

  12. Christmas crafts

  13. A magic key if you need one

  14. Christmas cookie baking kit

  15. Christmas fairy cake making kit

  16. Christmas colouring book

  17. Christmas activity book

  18. Christmas cuddly toy

  19. Christmas socks

  20. Letter from Santa

  21. New Christmas stocking

  22. New Christmas sack

  23. Christmas pen

  24. Christmas pencil

  25. Christmas brooch

  26. Christmas earrings

  27. Christmas cutlery

  28. Christmas lolly

  29. Novelty Christmas hat

  30. Christmas jigsaw

  31. Christmas picture frame

  32. Christmas bib

  33. Chocolate Santa

  34. Christmas hair accessories

  35. Christmas jumper

  36. Christmas necklace

  37. Christmas bracelet

  38. Christmas cracker

  39. Christmas rubbers

  40. Christmas notepad


Your suggestions 


If you have any ideas yourself about what to put in Christmas Eve boxes please feel free to share in the comments section.


Other reads

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Top places to visit Santa in Somerset 2019 Top places to visit Santa in South Somerset 2019

Somerset reindeer ranchSomerset reindeer ranchtop places to visit Father Christmas in Somerset

Photo provided by Somerset Reindeer Ranch

Now that Halloween and bonfire night are out of the way no doubt you’ll be starting to feel more festive and are beginning to make plans for Christmas.


You might be wondering where to take your children to visit Santa Claus.  To help you I have created this blog of the top places to visit Santa in South Somerset.  I hope you will find this of use and if there are any places you’d recommend that I have missed please feel free to comment below.


Somerset Reindeer Ranch - Chilthorne Domer 

Somerset reindeer ranchSomerset reindeer ranchSanta’s grotto in Somerset

Photo provided by Somerset Reindeer Ranch

I have taken my daughter here for the last two years and she always says it is her favourite place to visit Father Christmas. Mainly because she feels that The Reindeer Ranch has the real Santa Claus!


The ranch is a small family run business located in Chilthorn Domer. You’ll get to meet real reindeer and this year they are offering the opportunity to hire a vintage sleigh which can be pulled by the trained reindeer.  Snow dogs and magical unicorn are also on the list of things to see here as well as storytelling with Father Christmas.  Each child receives a small gift from Santa.


Tickets are £11 per person (adults and children) with there being no charge for babies under 1 year.

Tickets to be booked online, everyone attending must purchase a ticket and they can be bought online

here —>Somerset Reindeer Ranch Tickets.


Brimsmore Gardens - Yeovil


More details for follow when I have them.



Santa Specials at Yeovil Railway Centre - Yeovil

santa specials at yeovil railway centresanta specials at yeovil railway centretop places to visit Santa in Somerset

Photo provided by Yeovil Railway Centre

Enjoy a train ride behind one of their steam locomotives for approximately a 3rd of a mile and then visit Santa in his grotto where children will receive a gift from Father Christmas. There is a cafe and your ticket includes a free tea, coffee or squash and a biscuit or mince pie. There is also a model railway to see as well as snow machine and bubble machine to add to the magic of the experience.


The experience is available on the following dates: 1st, 8th, 14th, 15th, 22nd and 23rd December.


Prices are £11 per person (adult or child) if pre booked at least 24 hours in advance.  The price is reduced to £10 per person for group bookings of 8 or more.  The price then rises to £13 per person if booked less than 24 hours in advance or on the day and this is only if spaces are available.


Babies under the age of 1 are not charged and still receive a small gift from Santa. 


Pre booking is strongly advised and you can book your tickets here —> Santa specials at Yeovil railway 



Take a Peek in Santa’s Boutique and grotto - Crewkerne 

take a peek in Santa’s boutiquetake a peek in Santa’s boutiqueSanta’s grotto Somerset

Photo provided by Take a Peek in Santa’s Boutique

Keep the magic alive this Christmas with a visit to Santa at Take a Peek in Santa’s Boutique.  All children will receive a special gift from Santa and a photo opportunity too.


Visits are available every Saturday from 7th till the 21st December as well as Sunday 22nd. 


Face painting available on 22nd December. 


Prices are £5 per child 


Special extras also available:


For just £1 you can add on a personalised certificate to say your child is on the naughty or nice list.


For just £2.50 you can add on a Santa letter for your child to write their letter to Santa and post in the magical post box. Your child will then receive a letter from Santa and a free gift before Christmas Eve.


For just £9.99 you can add a Christmas Eve box personalised with your child’s name.  Contacts includes:

Santa milk

Reindeer food

Candy cane reindeer

Magical Santa key

Magical I believe bell

Special Santa coin

Reindeer hot chocolate


Places can be booked online here —> Take a Peek in Santa’s boutique


Barleymows - Chard 

Barleymows Santa’s grottoBarleymows Santa’s grottovisit Santa Claus Somerset

This event is organised by Tatworth Amature Pantomine Society.


Barleymows near Chard are offering the opportunity to visit Father Christmas in his winter cabin.  


Prices are £4.50 per child


Available on the following dates 10am till 1pm

Saturday 14th December

Sunday 15th December 

Saturday 21st December

Sunday 22nd December


More information can be found on their website here —> Santa at Barleymows



Tatworth Memorial Hall Christmas Fayre- Tatworth

Christmas fayre TatworthChristmas fayre Tatworthvisit Father Christmas in Somerset

Photo provided by Tatworth Amature Pantomime Society

Tatworth Amature Pantomime Society are also organising for Father Christmas to be at Tatworth Memorial Hall Christmas Fayre on 30th November 10am till 3pm.


Price is £4.50 per child


Stalls including:

Locally made jewellery 

Local handmade cards

Christmas items

Homemade jams and chutneys

Fabric items including patchwork


Guess the weight of the Christmas cake

Hot sausage and bacon baps all cooked to order


You can book a table at this event for £5 per table


Contact Anne on 01460239434



Merriott Social Venue Christmas Party - Merriott

Merriott social venue Christmas partyMerriott social venue Christmas partyvisit Father Christmas in south Somerset

Photo provided by Merriott Social Venue

Merriott Social Venue will be holding their annual children’s Christmas party on Sunday 22nd December this year at 1pm.  My daughter and I thoroughly enjoy this event and aim to go every year.


Prices are £3 per child over the age of one and £1 for babies under one and includes:



Father Christmas visit

A gift for every child from Santa


Get in touch with Merriott social venue to book your places. Visit their facebook event here —> Merriott Social Venue Xmas Party


Palmers Garden Centre

Santas grotto somersetSantas grotto SomersetVisit Santa in Somerset

Full details about this event can be found on their website here Palmers Gardens Yeovil or on their Facebook page here Palmers Gardens Facebook


Brewers Arms Christmas Craft Fair - South Petherton on Sunday 24th November

the brewers arms Christmas craft fairthe brewers arms Christmas craft fairvisit Father Christmas Somerset

Photo provided by The Brewers Arms

Sunday 24th November 3-6pm


Over 20 luxury craft stalls selling Christmas gifts; jewellery, body shop, woodwork, cards, gift wrap, wreaths/table decorations, pet accessories and much more.


Children’s craft making corner.


Live music in the courtyard with Guitarist on Wheels 3-7pm


Mince pies, mulled wine and cider and festive food available throughout the afternoon.


More importantly though Father Christmas will be there with gifts for all ages


Thank you for reading


Thanks for taking the time to read this weeks blog.  Please share on social media and amongst friends and family.  If you know of any other places to visit Santa then please comment below.


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Why photography gift vouchers make great gifts Why photography gift vouchers make great gifts

Photographer yeovilphotographer yeovilPhotography gift voucher

It's almost that time of year again so naturally we are all thinking about the gifts we are buying our friends and family.  I don't know about you but I very often find that we get given gifts that don't end up being used.  As much as we appreciate the gifts we are given I would love to have a gift of memories.  I'm not just talking about photography memories, gifts of days out, cinema trips, meal vouchers and that kind of thing are the kind of gifts I would like to be giving this year.  


Giving someone a photo shoot for Christmas gives them valuable memories to look back on, not just for them either.  It was my daughters 16th birthday a couple of weeks ago and we spent at least a couple of hours looking back through old photographs of her growing up.  This was enjoyable for all of the family.  


Giving someone the gift of a photo shoot gives them something of real sentimental value.  Nobody ever regretted having photos taken but there are many people who regret NOT having photographs taken.


My photography vouchers don't just include the experience of a photography session at Angel Eyes Photography.  I always include 1 digital image.  This allows the recipient to use the voucher without having to pay anything towards it at all if they don't want to!  At the same time though it gives the recipient the freedom to choose the products they would like to buy allowing them to purchase based on their own taste and style and not have that decision made for them.  The recipient can even choose the background colour they would like for the session!  


I also include a face to face ordering appointment with my voucher package. This the perfect way to view and choose images with me on hand to answer any questions.


To see a full list of what my vouchers include please take a looking by clicking here --> Photography gift vouchers


If you haven't ordered yet then don't wait, I have a limited number of vouchers at a discounted price!!


Fellow photographer Jo Twigge has a great blog on her website at the moment.  You can give it a read by clicking here --> older baby photography Cheshire

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What if my baby doesn't sleep during our newborn session with you? What if my baby doesn't sleep during our newborn session with you?


Having looked at the photographs of all of the newborn babies on my website, you’ll have probably
noticed that many of them show babies sleeping during their newborn photography sessions.

But if your own baby only sleeps for about half an hour at a time, you may well be wondering ‘What
if my baby doesn’t sleep during our newborn photography session?’

It’s completely understandable that this very question might be playing on your mind right now if
you are considering booking or have already booked your newborn session with me.

And if it is, DON’T PANIC! I am here to reassure you!

Please, please don't worry about whether or not your baby sleeps during your newborn session. It’s
really not a problem if your baby doesn’t sleep.

Sleeping newborns are so beautiful and peaceful looking, but in this article, I’ll tell you about how I
approach my newborn sessions when the baby is awake.


Photographing your baby awake


Firstly, if you don’t know much about me yet, I’m Sarah and I specialise in newborn photography. I’m
also a mum to three children myself so I have a vast amount of experience with newborn babies. I’ve


now got more than five years of experience as a newborn photographer, having started my
Somerset-based newborn photography business in 2012.

In that time I have photographed literally hundreds of newborn babies and 99% of them spent some
time awake during the session.....This is how I like it!



Sleeping baby and awake baby photos

If your baby doesn’t sleep during your newborn session it gives us the perfect opportunity to capture your baby with their eyes open! 


Many of my past newborn photography clients have chosen an "awake" photograph as their favourite image from their session, so I always aim to capture your baby awake as well as asleep!


I very often keep your baby wrapped during the awake stage as it keeps them nice and warm. Wrapping also makes them comfortable and prevents them from startling or scratching themselves and also covers the nappy (as I keep this on during this stage as well to catch any toilet accidents)!


I also have many props, poses and setups which are suitable to use when your baby is both awake and asleep.  So, sometimes, if sleep doesn't happen at all during the session it's not a problem as I already have enough images and variety for your gallery by capturing your baby awake.


So, please don't worry if baby decides to stay awake! You really don’t need to panic if your baby doesn’t sleep during your newborn session.


Sessions are baby-led


My approach to newborn photography is always to be led by the baby. 


I create an environment in the studio that is relaxing for both baby and parents. I do this by controlling the room temperature to suit your baby, using white noise to help create the same secure feeling your baby had when in the womb, and by chatting with you to help you feel more at ease. Plus, I use a lot of cuddling and rocking movements to settle your baby.


My experience as a mother and a photographer has taught me that babies do pick up on any stress in the room. So, I always remain calm and creating a relaxing environment for the benefit of baby and mum and dad too.


If your baby is still unsettled, we will work together to find out what it is they need. 


Maybe they have wind. Or they may be hungry, or they didn't like being unwrapped. Whatever it is, for me it will all be par for the course! I’m very used to settling babies and helping them get to sleep enough so that I can put them in those cute, sleepy newborn poses


If baby doesn’t sleep…relax, we have plenty of time


Most newborn sessions last around two hours but I always allow 4+ hours for the session and I only do one newborn session in a day.  This gives me plenty of time to settle your baby enough for both the awake and asleep poses but allows extra time for feeding, cuddling, winding and settling. 


This means that you don't need to watch the clock or feel rushed during your session with me.  You can sit back and relax while I take care of the hard part.



What if baby doesn’t sleep at all?


It's important to remember that all babies will fall asleep eventually but that doesn't need to be at the session. 


If I have enough shots of your baby awake and you're happy with that then there is no pressure for you to stay to get more. 


At the same time, there is no pressure for you to leave as soon as I have enough for a gallery. I will continue to use all of my tactics and settling techniques to get your baby to sleep so you have a mix of awake and asleep poses for your gallery.


In very rare circumstances, if your baby is very unsettled or perhaps they are having a colic flare-up or a growth spurt on the day of the session, then I will discuss other options with you. 


This could mean rescheduling for another day or adopting a more ‘lifestyle’ approach to the session rather than focussing on creating posed newborn photos.  This means that I could still take the photographs but include images of you holding your baby, feeding your baby, changing their nappy, soothing and that kind of thing. 


Whatever we decide, capturing your precious newborn while they are still so little is the main priority. Babies change so much so quickly, and I know you want to capture them before they outgrow the newborn stage.




An example of a newborn session with a baby who didn’t want to sleep


Take a look at this video of Aila's gallery.  Aila wasn't very sleepy for her session but we still got some beautiful images for her family to treasure.


So you see…if your baby doesn’t sleep during your newborn session there really is no need to worry!


Book your newborn photography session

If you have any questions about my newborn photography sessions or would like to make a booking, please get in touch here


Newborn photographer somersetA video of Aila's newborn photography session gallery




My friend Lisa has written a great blog highlighting the top 5 places to visit Santa in the south east if you’re in her area then I highly recommend giving it a read here Top five places to visit Santa in the South East  








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What to pack in your hospital maternity bag Packing list for your hospital maternity bag

yeovil photographerWhat to pack in your hospital bagWhat local yeovil photographer Sarah is recommending you pack in your hospital maternity bag.

So following on from last weeks blog 10 things to do in your third trimester. I wanted to talk to you today about what to pack in your hospital maternity bag.  Some of these items will be obvious for some people and I know that there are loads of lists like this on the internet but I hope to bring some new ideas of things that you may not have thought of but could come in really handy.


It’s important to remember that your babies exact arrival date cannot be predicted, even if you’re having a planned c section, labour could still start before that date.  Therefore I recommend packing your bag when you are between 34 and 36 weeks just in case.


Even if you plan on having a home birth, it’s still handy to pack a bag so you don’t need to worry about finding things once your labour has started.  Also if things don’t go to plan at home, you may need to be transferred to a hospital so it will be handy just to be able to grab your bags and go.


I recommend packing two bags, one for your labour and one for after in the hospital.


Labour bag


  1.  Don’t forget to pack your hospital notes! I have had quite a high number of my photography clients say their husband had to go back for the notes as they were forgotten on the big day.  This was mainly due to needing the notes for hospital and midwife appointments between packing the bag and going in to have the baby, for this reason I recommend you always put the notes back in your bag after every hospital visit even if you think you’ll need the notes again soon as you just never know when you will go into labour.
  2. Several nightdresses or shirts that button down the front.  I can’t stress enough about the BUTTON DOWN THE FRONT part.  I was pretty sick during the labour for my second child and was accidentally sick down the front of my nightie.  As I had an epidural I couldn’t take my nightie off because of all the equipment I was attached to. So I had to continue through labour with the lovely aroma of vomit every time I breathed in!  If I had taken night shirts that buttoned all down the front I could have easily changed in to a clean one without affecting the wires and tubes for my epidural.
  3. Slippers and socks. 
  4. Lip balm, gas and air can make your lips really dry.
  5. Maternity pads.
  6. Hair brush, bands and clips to help keep your hair off your face.
  7. A dressing gown.
  8. A water spray bottle and battery powered hand held fan.
  9. Snacks and drinks like Lucozade to keep your energy levels up and if your husband or partner get hungry.
  10. Your mobile phone and charger.
  11. Tissues and wet wipes.
  12. Clothes for baby, I recommend putting the outfit you want baby to be dressed in first in a ziplock bag so you can easily grab it without having to go through the whole bag.
  13. Two to three nappies.
  14. Change for the vending machine and car park.
  15. A sport bottle to drink from so you don’t have to sit up to have a drink.
  16. A bin liner for dirty clothes.
  17. Toiletries for yourself and your partner in case labour lasts a long time.
  18. And last but certainly not least! A camera as well as batteries and chargers to capture those precious first moments.  I have another blog here that has some great tips on how to photograph labour and birth


Bag for the ward



  1. Loose comfortable clothing for when you go home.
  2. Toiletries: washing items, toothbrush and paste, deodorant.
  3. Breast pads, even if you don’t plan on breastfeeding just in case you leak.
  4. Disposable pants or ones you don’t mind getting ruined or stained.
  5. Nursing bras, take two or three.
  6. Clothes for baby, vests and grows, I recommend the grows with the scratch mits that fold over the hand.
  7. Open fronted or button through nighties for breastfeeding (if you plan to)
  8. Bottles and formula milk if you plan to bottle feed.
  9. Nappies and cotton wool.
  10. Cheap flip flops, these are handy if you want to use the hospital showers.
  11. Muslins.
  12. Books or magazines.


If there is anything else you think you could add to this then please do comment below with your suggestions and I can update it.

Fellow photographer Mya Lau is blogging about Newborn pre consultation prep she has some great advice here and you can read her blog newborn pre-consultation prep


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Ten things to do in your third trimester Ten things to do in your third trimester. 

Anne Maternity-5Anne Maternity-5

So you’re past the halfway mark now and in around twelve weeks you will finally get to meet your new baby. How exciting!


This trimester is going to consist of mainly planning for your baby’s arrival and getting everything ready and prepared for your birth. 


I have created this helpful list so you can make sure it’s all covered!


  1. This is probably one of the most important jobs. Be aware of your baby’s movements. Babies tend to have their own patterns and you will have already started to notice when your baby is more active and when they are relaxing. It’s important though that any reduction in movement is discussed with your midwife or consultant as soon as possible. It is actually a myth that babies are less active in the hours leading up to labour so don’t ignore any reduction in movement. 
  2. Put together the nursery furniture, pram and anything else you’ll need once your baby has arrived. Remember though that you shouldn’t be lifting heavy items of furniture or overdoing it so this is in fact a job for your husband or partner to undertake. 
  3. While we’re talking about baby equipment, do you know how everything works? Can you fix the car seat safely into the car? Do you know how to work the steriliser or breast pump? Now is the time to be learning how to use all of these things before your baby arrives. 
  4. Create a birth plan. No don’t, births don’t always go to plan so I prefer to call this a preference list. Things to consider are: music, do you want to play music during your labour and birth, do you want to try a water birth, what pain relief would you like to try? Who will be your birthing partner? Talk to any friends or family who have recently had a baby and ask what they found helpful. 
  5. Make sure you have enough weather appropriate clothing for your baby. Think about the time of year around your due date, will it be hot, cold, in between? Start washing the clothes so they are ready for your baby to use. This gets rid of any chemicals used in the manufacturing process. 
  6. Pack you hospital bag including things for you and your baby. Not sure what to pack? Don’t worry, on next weeks blog I will be writing a handy list for you to follow. 
  7. Don’t over do it. Get plenty of rest. This is definitely easier said than done but if you can get as much rest as possible then you will be doing both you and your baby a massive favour prior to the birth as you will both have more energy during the labour if you have managed to rest well before hand. You aren’t going to get much rest once your baby arrives!
  8. Enjoy your time together as a couple, or a family if this isn’t your first baby. Welcoming a baby to the family will be one of the best things you’ll ever do, it’s such a special time. It can also be demanding and doesn’t leave much time for date nights or meals out as a couple and if you’re not a first time parent you’ll need to get used to sharing your time between all of your little ones. Cherish this time together before you begin your next chapter. 
  9. If you have children already you’ll need to make plans about their care when you go in to labour. Lots of couples who choose to have a home birth are happy for their children to be present during the birth as they want to share the experience with them. If you’d prefer not to though or if you’re having a hospital birth you’ll need to make sure arrangements are in place so that your children are cared for during your labour and birth. It’s good to have a backup plan too for this just in case. 
  10. And last but certainly not least. Have you booked your photographer? Many experienced newborn photographers in Yeovil are so popular that they are often booked up weeks in advance.  Lots of parents don’t know that they can book their photographer before their baby is born and then miss out on their first choice photographer. I usually schedule my clients in for 2-3 weeks after their due date. This is usually perfect but if baby is very late or early arriving then this can be changed as I keep a day free each week to allow for any early or late arrivals. Have you booked your newborn photographer yet?  If not then take a look at my newborn packages and then get in touch with your due date. You may even qualify for a FREE of charge maternity session

Yeovil photographerMaternity photography imagesAmbers maternity session in yeovil

Don’t forget to look out for my next blog on what to pack in your hospital bag.


My friend Amy who is a maternity newborn photographer in Whitchurch Shropshire has been writing about activities you can do with your baby once he/she has arrived. Take a look at her blog here



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Exist in your children's photographs Exist in your children's photographs


It doesn’t matter how beautiful we think someone is it’s likely that some will have their own insecurities about the way they look. Naturally this makes them feel self conscious and it puts them off being photographed during my photo shoots. This is particularly true for Mums. New mums especially find it hard to love their post pregnancy bodies and therefore don’t want to be in the photographs with their newborns. I also find that some Mums and Dads feel they look tired and not their best so decide not to have photographs involving them. I always respect the wishes of the parents, if they don’t want to be in the photographs I never make them.  But I always worry that they will regret it later on. 

Photographer yeovilEva Newborn-24

Imagine your child in a few years time, looking through the photo albums, reminiscing about all those precious memories created and recorded with photography. Where will you be?   What will you say to your child when they ask why you’re not in any of the photographs. What do you think they will say if you told them it’s because you didn’t like the way you looked. I’m pretty confident that your child loves you just as you are and doesn’t even notice those insecurities you have with your own body. They just want you to be part of their memories. 


What have you got to lose? Taking part in one of the photos doesn’t mean you have to have it printed on the biggest canvas you can and have it on the walls at home to look at everyday. I’m quite confident that you will actually love looking back at those memories of you cradling you new baby or cuddling your child. No one ever regretted having a photograph with them in it. I bet there are plenty of people that do regret not having any photos of themselves though. 


My job as a photographer is to pose my clients in such a way that anything they might feel insecure about is much less noticeable in the photographs. For example most of the mums that come to me for a newborn session haven’t got their pre pregnancy body back just yet. Therefore I always photograph them from the waist up. 

If you can’t do it for you, then do it for your child. They will love looking back through photos of them with their parents. I bet you’ll be glad you did in years to come. 


Don’t be like me, I deeply regret not having photos of my pregnancies for example and I cannot get that time back. Selina, one of my friends is a very talented maternity photographer in Swindon. I love how she has a lovely mix of studio maternity sessions as well as taking her skills outside for her outdoor maternity sessions. Take a look at Selina’s blog here where she talks about the importance of having a maternity session.


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My favourite local small business vendors! Angel Eyes Photography - photographer yeovilAngel Eyes Photography - photographer yeovilAngel Eyes Photography - photographer yeovil

My favourite small business vendors


In today’s blog, I’m sharing my favourite small businesses with you all. 

Reasons to shop local

  1. Local Economy - Research shows that for every £10 spent at local shops and small businesses and extra £50 goes back in to the local economy.
  2. Creating new jobs - Shopping with and investing in local businesses means you can have a very strong and positive effect on the health of the local jobs in your area.
  3. Character - The fantastic thing about independent businesses is that they are run by people, not by boards, stockholders or algorithms. As they are run by local people you will usually find that the business/shops building is in keeping with aesthetic of the area, adding character to the community and a touch of warm, welcoming personality.
  4. Great customer service - Although many chain businesses do have good customer service, you can’t beat the personal touch of a local owner who knows everyone in the neighbourhood.
  5. Less impact on the environment - This is because the majority of local companies are found on the high street and are within walking distance, rather than a drive away to the nearest large shopping centre. If more people chose to pop to the local high street rather than driving to the superstores, this would considerably reduce air pollution, reduce traffic and improve the quality of the nation’s high streets.
  6. Originality - In a world that is becoming increasingly dominated by chain stores, which have been designed to look the same, independent businesses bring much-needed originality and variety into communities


My favourite local businesses


Jamie Lemon Designs

Jamie Lemon DesignsJamie Lemon DesignsJamie Lemon Designs

First on my list has got to be Jamie Lemon Designs.  Jamie lives in the same village I do.  I have been in awe of this lovely ladies sawing work since she opened her shop last year.  Jamie mainly specialises in hand made children’s clothing.  As I photograph mainly babies and children, I am sure to invest in some of her lovely creations soon for use during my photography sessions. Jamie also makes reusable eco-friendly cotton pads and more recently peg bags.  Her reviews are glowing.   She has her own Etsy shop here


Little Knitwtiz

Little KnitwitzLittle KnitwitzLittle Knitwitz

Sarah at little knitwitz is also local to me.  She specialises in newborn photography props which she hand makes with her own fair hands.  Sarah lives just a couple of miles from me.  As she makes newborn props naturally I love her designs and have a few of her items now.  What I love about them is that they never go out of fashion.  I still use the props I bought a few years ago and regularly use them during my newborn photography sessions.  Sarah has her own website here


Hayley Frances Nutrition

Hayley Frances NutritionHayley Frances NutritionHayley Frances Nutrition

Next up is Hayley who is a nutritional therapist and naturopath.  Hayley can help you to make changes to your lifestyle and diet which could have a significant effect on your overall health and wellbeing.  Hayley is based in Stoke Sub Hamdon and can offer a range of services based on your health and wellbeing needs.  Hayley can make recommendations and help you to lose weight so if you’ve been putting off that family portrait for a while now because you feel you would like to lose some weight Hayley can definitely help.  Please visit her website to find out more.  Hayley also offers a cookery school during the school holidays called Little Strawberries Cookery School for Children and more information can be found on Hayleys website here


Felted with Love

Felted With LoveFelted With LoveFelted with Love

Natalie lives locally to me and needle-felts beautiful animals using mainly locally sourced wool.  Natalie loves to needle-felt British Wildlife pieces, which is down to her love of working with wildlife in her veterinary nurse position at a local Wildlife centre where she works closely with the animals.  As a newborn photographer I am sure to call on Natalie soon as I think her work would make lovely photography props which I can use during my sessions. Natalie takes on just two commissions per month and has a waiting list system so if you love her work and want to order, getting in touch with her ASAP is a must.  Natalie has a Facebook page here



I am a Professional photographer nr Yeovil


If you are considering hiring a professional photographer, please get in touch with me to find out more about my services or to book a free, no-obligation consultation.

Thanks for reading and please share with any people you know.



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My Favourite Mum Photographs My Favourite Mum Photographs


As Mother’s Day is this Sunday, I’m sharing my favourite photographs of Mum’s.  As a Mum myself I know some decide not to be a part of their children’s or baby’s photographs.  I am telling you that you should be!  Your children will want to look back at memories with you in them.

Reasons Mums don’t want their photograph taken

  1. Weight – One of the main reasons’ woman don’t want to be in the photographs is because they are uncomfortable about their weight. 
  2. Not wearing the right clothes – Another reason I hear often is that they aren’t wearing the right clothes.  I send out information before all of my sessions on clothing choices but it shouldn’t put you off of being in the shot.
  3. Makeup – You’re not feeling your best because you didn’t put makeup on today.
  4. You just want photographs of your children – You only want to buy photographs of your children


The truth is your children don’t care what you weigh.  They don’t even care about the clothes you’re wearing.  They probably wouldn’t even notice if you were wearing makeup or not and they don’t just want to look at photographs of themselves.  They want to see photographs that include all of the family and that includes you!  Do it for your children!


My favourite Mum photographs


Ivy and her Mummy

photographer yeovilIvy and her Mummy - photographer yeovilIvy wrapped up posed with her Mummy


Indie and her Mummy

yeovil photographerIndie lying down with her Mummy - yeovil photographerIndie lying on a fluffy rug with her Mummy

Eva and her Mummy

photographer yeovilLooking lovingly at Eva - photographer yeovilEva's mummy is looking lovingly at her


Beth and her Mum

photography yeovilmother and Daughter photography yeovilKaren and her daughter Beth

Elsie and Freddie with their Mum

yeovil photographyMum and her children - yeovil photographyLisa with her children


Oliver and his Mummy

photographer yeovilOliver and his Mummy - photographer yeovilOliver with his Mum



Professional photographer in Somerset


Are you considering taking the plunge after reading my blog today?  Are you ready to exist in photographs?  Do you want to create treasured memories for your children?  If it’s a yes then, please get in touch with me to find out more about my services or to book a free, no-obligation consultation.

Thanks for reading and please share with any other parents-to-be you know.



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Four family photo ideas for your newborn photoshoot - photographer yeovil Four family photo ideas for your newborn photoshoot

In today’s blog, I’m sharing four family photo ideas for your newborn photoshoot. That’s because, during all of my newborn baby photo sessions here at my photography studio in South Petherton, Somerset, I don’t just focus on the baby, as you might presume.

No, I actively encourage all my parents to join their baby in front of the camera.

The importance of family photos

I strongly believe that portraits of your newborn baby with you, and any older children you have, are incredibly precious.

Yes, Mum and Dad, you may not feel like being photographed. As you’ve just welcomed a new baby into the family, chances are you’re exhausted!

  • Mum, you’ve perhaps had sleepless nights in the final weeks of the pregnancy and have been through quite a lot during the birth.
  • Then, once your baby is here, you’re busy juggling their needs with your own overwhelming desire to sleep and rest.
  • Plus, you’re perhaps also more self-conscious than normal because you’ve put on weight during the pregnancy, and so dread the thought of being photographed.

But even if you relate to any (or all) of these concerns about being photographed, then I know how you’re feeling right now – I’ve been there!

As a new parent myself, I was reluctant to get in front of the camera. But I did and I’m so glad I did!


Those photos are incredibly precious to me now. Even though I didn’t feel or look my best at that time (who does in the weeks after birth?!), I knew that preserving the memory of that special moment was far more important than how I looked.

So, parents, please take my word for it.

If you don’t have any family photos taken with your baby during their newborn photoshoot, I really think you’ll live to regret it.

Photos ideas for your newborn baby photoshoot

To inspire you, here are four photos that I recommend you have taken during your newborn photoshoot:

  1. Family photos

You’re celebrating the arrival of a new member of your family. Personally, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to have a group photo to record this exciting moment. It’s an occasion I’m confident that you’ll want to look back on in years to come!

I can photograph you standing closely together or opposite each other while holding your baby or looking down lovingly at them. Or we can do a photo with you all lying down together. There are lots of options.

Cradled in the arms of Mummy and Daddy - baby photography somersetCradled in the arms of Mummy and Daddy - baby photography somersetLittle Ivy safe in the arms of her Mum and Dad in my studio in Somerset

  1. Baby with Mum

A tender portrait of mum looking adoringly down at baby who they are cradling in their arms is another lovely one to have for the family album.

And don’t worry, if you’re feeling self-conscious about your lower body, a tight crop on the photo will ensure your wobbly bits are not in the photo if you’d prefer.

Photographer yeovilA new mum lovingly looking at her precious new babyA lovely image of Eva here with her Mummy.

  1. Baby held in Daddy’s hands or over his shoulder

These poses are great because often a newborn baby can literally be held in the palm of the baby’s Daddy. The contrast in the size of Daddy’s hands compared to the tiny bundle is really striking and so cute!

And if Dad is game for taking his shirt off, a photo of the baby held carefully over his bare shoulder, or in his arms, can look amazing.

Your baby may be tiny now, but in the not-too-distant future, they will have grown so much. With a photo like this to look back on, you’ll wonder how on earth they were ever that small!

  1. Baby with their sibling(s)

Another great portrait that I love to take is of the newborn baby with their older sibling(s).

Your newborn photoshoot is a great opportunity to get your other child or children involved and to make them feel as important as their new brother or sister who they may perceive to be getting all the attention at the moment.

If your child is old enough, I can photograph your baby being held in their arms. Or, if they are only a toddler themselves, I can include them in the photo by lying them alongside your baby, which is a safe way of positioning them together.

This type of photo is also a great way of capturing the size difference between your children at this moment in time – something that you and they may forget in the future, without photographs to remind you.

Are you convinced about having family photos during your newborn photoshoot?

So, I hope that you’ve found these family photo ideas for your newborn photoshoot useful?

And I hope that if you hadn’t considered having family photos taken during your baby’s photoshoot before, that you might now be reconsidering.

When families book me as their newborn photographer, they usually haven’t thought about having family photos taken, even though I strongly believe they should.

They’ve usually booked the photo session because they want to capture that special newborn stage and to celebrate the safe arrival of the newest member of the family. But they haven’t thought about how special it will be in the future to look back on family portraits.

So, my final tip would be to think about your outfit when you come to the newborn photo shoot.

Be sure to wear, or have something with you, that you would be comfortable to be photographed in. Because, if you like these family photo ideas, then I can capture something similar for you.

Professional baby photographer in Yeovil

If you are considering hiring a professional baby photographer, please get in touch with me to find out more about my services or to book a free, no-obligation consultation.

Thanks for reading and please share with any other parents-to-be you know.


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Introducing Cake Smash Themes – For that extra special 1st birthday treat Introducing Cake Smash Themes – For that extra special 1st birthday treat


If you’re a follower of my Facebook Page you may have seen that I am now offering an extra special type of Cake Smash Session – Themed Cake Smashes!


Although I am still in the early stages of getting everything together and planning all of the themes I am going to offer I couldn’t wait to share all my ideas with you and talk to you about the benefits of marking your little ones 1st birthday with a very special session for them.


"peter rabbit cake smash" "photographer yeovil" "yeovil photographer"Peter Rabbit Cake SmashPeter Rabbit Themed Cake Smash sessions now available at Angel Eyes Photography


Why book a Cake Smash session?


Cake Smash sessions are very popular these days so what was just an American trend has now swept into the UK with more and more local photographers offering this service.


Would  you believe that I actually had to pluck up the courage to even start offering Cake Smashes at all?  I’m not a lover of food mess and the very thought of having my lovely studio covered in cake actually filled me with terror!  Now though I feel very differently about these sessions and think that it’s such a fun way to mark this very special milestone.  And,  it’s actually not that messy at all!  With the backdrops I use it’s very easy to clear up any mess that is made and if you opt for a themed session your little one will also be able to have a splash in my little bath tub at the end to clear up any cake smash mess!  Most of the babies I have photographed loved this part the best and I’ve been able to capture some lovely action shots of this part of the session.


Parents love the opportunity to do something fun for their babies first birthday photo shoot.  Many of my clients have already had sessions at Angel Eyes Photography before so this is not their first visit to the studio.  Mostly I will have photographed their baby both as a newborn and when they’re about 7-8 months for a Sitter Session. so they love to do something a little different at the first birthday stage.  A Cake Smash session fits this desire for something more fun perfectly and most of the babies that come for a Cake Smash love to get stuck in with smashing and eating the cake.  I mean, who doesn’t love cake right?


What makes my Themed sessions different?


I love to be different though and thrive on any opportunity to be more creative so I have started offering themed cake smash sessions as well as the colour themed sessions I have been doing for the last 3-4 four years.


These themed sessions are extra special indeed as they give you the opportunity to have a much more personalised session, giving you the option of choosing a theme that may be special to you or your baby.  Maybe the theme fits perfectly with the theme of your baby’s nursery.  Perhaps they were a rainbow baby and therefore this theme is special to you.  Or maybe you love Unicorns and therefore a Unicorn Theme is the obvious choice for you.  Whether the theme means something to you or your baby a Themed session is definitely an extra special treat for all of the family.


"peter rabbit cake smash" "photographer yeovil" "yeovil photographer"Close Up of Peter Rabbit Cake SmashNow offering Peter Rabbit Themed Cake Smash sessions at my studio near yeovil.


What themes will you be offering?


As I mentioned previously, I am still in the early stages of putting everything together and there are still lots of things to do, props to order and source.  But I can tell you that I will be offering the following themes:



Peter Rabbit




Teddy Bears


Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Toy Story



What to expect from a Cake Smash Session


If you have booked a Premium Cake Smash then the first thing I do is capture some traditional portraits of your baby.  My clients usually bring their favourite outfit for this part of the session.  Once we have enough portraits we will move on to the Cake Smash part, you will change your baby in to the cake smash outfit while I set up your chosen theme, if you booked a Classic Cake Smash then we will skip straight to the Cake Smash part.  This is where the fun starts!  The first set up I usually try and capture your baby in the set while the cake is still intact!  Then I let your baby work on the cake in their own time capturing them enjoying it along the way.  When your baby is showing signs of getting fed up I will then set up for the bath shots and let your baby have some fun splashing while they get cleaned up.


A cake Smash session usually requires the parent involvement so it’s advisable to either bring a change of clothes or where something you don’t mind getting messy!


"peter rabbit cake smash" "photographer yeovil" "yeovil photographer"Peter Rabbit CakePeter Rabbit Cake Smash cake, professionally baked by Cakes By Nia


How do I book a Cake Smash Session?


Please have a look at my Cake Smash Photography information on my website and choose which package you think you’ll be interested in.  The themes are available in my Classic and Premium Cake Smash sessions (The Lite Package offers a colour theme choice). Then please get in touch using my contact page or if you prefer you can schedule a free of charge telephone consultation instead.


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DIY Birth Photography: Tips for capturing your newborn’s arrival and precious first moments DIY Birth Photography: Tips for capturing your newborn’s arrival and precious first moments 


Birth photography is a bit like marmite. You either love the idea or you cringe at the thought of having your birth photographed.

But whether you love the idea or not, you can’t deny that the minutes, hours (and perhaps days) of your labour and birth are a hugely significant moment in yours and your baby’s lives.

I completely understand that you may not feel like having a camera in the room during this raw and very intense experience. But, if you do, after the event I’m sure that you’ll enjoy looking back at photos and will be so glad you had them taken.

They could well be memories that you love to relive through photos, whether in the immediate aftermath of the birth or at a time long into the future.

DIY birth photography

I’m going to be sharing my DIY birth photography tips with you here, in today’s blog, because I’m keen to encourage more women to consider having birth photos taken.

My husband was the chief photographer in 2010 when we welcomed my youngest daughter into the world by planned c-section.  Although he didn’t (and still doesn’t) really know anything about photography other than to point and click, following my guidance he was able to capture these memories of Kyla’s birth which I will forever treasure.




Twelve DIY birth photography tips

  1. Ask your birthing partner to take the photos

If you like the idea of birth photography but aren’t looking to hire a professional photographer to capture your baby’s arrival, then you can get your birthing partner to take the photos.

Many birthing partners can feel a bit useless during the long hours of labour, so perhaps this would be a welcome job for them anyway!

Whether your birthing partner will be the father of your child, or your mother, sister or doula, the tips I’m sharing here will help them to achieve the best possible photographic record of the birth, even if they are a complete novice when it comes to photography.

My husband’s attempt at DIY birth photography is a great example to prove the point that you don’t have to have an in-depth knowledge of photography or a fancy camera to take great photographs.

  1. Get to know your device or camera

DIY birth photography is entirely possible – it’s more about capturing the moment, telling the story and being able to spot a great photo opportunity than it is about the quality of your camera.

But, I’d still highly recommend that you instruct your nominated birth photographer to know the device or camera they will use.

Phones on the market these days have remarkable-quality cameras so even if you don’t own a digital camera you can still beautifully capture these special moments. The tips I’m sharing here are relevant whether you are using a smartphone or a more sophisticated camera.

Whatever the device though, if they’re taking it straight out of the box new, and expecting to just point and shoot, then they’re making a big mistake. 

When photographing labour and birth, they’ll likely not have time to sit and read the instruction manual.  So, make sure they spend some time before the big day getting to know the functions and settings the device offers. 

This will save so much time on the day and you won’t need to worry about them not knowing what to do when the day finally comes.

  1. Practice

Things can move quickly during labour and birth, so practice is really important too.

Your birth photographer will need to be able to capture images at a moment’s notices as well as be there to support you at the same time. So, it will help so much if they have practised and know which settings they’ll need.

Practising using the camera will mean they won’t miss an important moment because they couldn’t remember what to do. 

The easiest way for them to practice is to try taking a photograph of one item indoors trying all the settings their camera offers.  They should look at the results and see which is more pleasing in order to decide which settings they’ll use on the day of the birth.

  1. Batteries

You’ll also want to ensure they are prepared by having charged their device, so it’s got lots of power. And, if it’s a camera run with batteries, that they have charged those or have spares as a back-up.

Unless it’s a scheduled delivery, you probably won't know when the birth is going to happen so make sure they have packed a camera charger just in case too.  


  1. Don’t get distracted

Another important tip for any DIY birth photographer is to not get so distracted by the task of taking photographs of the birth that they forget to be there for you!


Birth photos will be treasured for sure, but you’ll likely need their support so make sure that they focus on you first.



  1. Get in the right position


If you're planning on showing the birth photographs to friends and family afterwards, you'll want to be careful about what's on show in the photographs.  


To avoid any slip-ups, advise your birth photographer to stand at the head-end of the bed to avoid snapping anything too intimate that you wouldn’t want to show to others.



  1. Flash


If at all possible, your birth photographer should try to avoid using the flash on their camera.  Using the flash causes harsh shadows and is not the most flattering light source.  


If their camera has a function for low light situations you'll want to practice using this so that you are prepared for shooting in low light, especially if labour happens overnight.  


If they’re using a DSLR camera, then they should set their ISO to 1600 and use Manual mode, set the aperture to 2.8 if the camera allows this. If not, use 4-5.6 and set the shutter to 1/125.  


Also, keep the lights on in the room.  If it's daylight, then keep the blinds open and they should adjust the ISO down if needed.  Any images that are a little dark can be brightened later, so they needn’t worry about that. There are loads of free editing software programs that you can use to do this.



  1. Window Light


Window light is the best light source available to you so when you or your nominated photographer is taking photos of your new baby, whether at the hospital or at your home, move them right next to the window.  


NOTE: if the sun happens to be shining directly in the window, so you can see a bright window-shaped patch on the floor, you don’t want the baby in the middle of the bright patch. They may need to get closer or further away from the window to avoid it. Read this post for more explanation.



  1. Shoot from above


When taking pictures of your new baby, it’s easy to forget the importance of camera angle. But if you shoot just from where you’re standing – probably next to the crib – you may end up with images at unflattering angles, like right up baby's nose and with lots of distractions in the background.  


If you can shoot from directly above the baby, you’ll get a much nicer photo and the crib sheet will act as a plain background. 


Now, to shoot from directly above the baby you’ll likely need to stand on a chair or stool or similar.  Please always have safety in mind though, you wouldn't want to fall and hurt yourself or land on the baby.  


Ask someone to help by holding you steady.  You might want to get someone else to take the photographs for you if you've just given birth.



  1. Take your time and take lots of photos


Now that your baby is here, don’t just take a few photos and call it a day. Spend time just watching your baby (with a camera handy!) once they are settled in the crib near the window.


Even if they are sleep, they’re going to move around a bit, yawn, grunt, and make some cute expressions – all of which are great moments to capture in photographs.



  1. Don’t move the baby around, move yourself


Once the baby is happy in a well-lit area, leave them alone! Move yourself around, shooting from different angles and zooming in and out, to get a variety of photos without disturbing the baby.


Like I already mentioned, my favourite shooting perspective for babies in the hospital is from directly above, but it’s worth walking around the crib and taking pictures from different angles so you have a collection of photos that don’t all look exactly the same.


Remember to zoom in for some detail shots while you’re at it.



  1. Don’t forget Mum and Dad!


Lots of mums are a little reluctant to appear in photos after they’ve given birth, but years later any mum will treasure a photo of herself and her tiny baby. So, ensure that you allow your nominated birth photographer to take photos of you too!


Hold your baby up close to your face for a sweet photo. And dad, if you’re the photographer, be sure to ask someone else to take photos of some of you with the baby as well.   


Photography training and newborn photography services


So, after having read my tips for DIY birth photography, I hope you are feeling more confident about capturing some truly precious memories of your baby around the time of their birth?


If you’d like more help, or if you've just purchased a new camera like a DSLR or bridge camera and need a helping hand to learn how to use it, then did you know that I offer beginners photography courses? These are available either in a group or on a 1-2-1 basis. More information about my photography training is available on my website.

Also, if you like the idea of having some professional photographs taken when your baby is born, then also look no further! I am a specialist in newborn photography and my service is suited to babies who are between 1 and 6 weeks old.


My newborn photography sessions are best booked in advance so that I can guarantee you a space in my diary. If you are reading this while you are pregnant, please get in touch ASAP – ideally sometime after your 20-week scan – to book in a provisional date for your baby’s newborn photoshoot.


Take a look at my newborn photography gallery and session information to find out more.  If you have any questions I have a newborn FAQ page which you might find helpful.  Why not schedule a free of charge telephone consultation with me?


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Angel Eyes Photography’s guide to backing up your photographs Angel Eyes Photography’s Guide to Backing up Your Photographs

Guide to backing up your photosGuide to backing up your photosAngel Eyes Photography's guide to backing up your photographs


In today’s blog, I’m talking about backing up your photographs and why everyone should be using some form of back up service or method.   

The importance of backing up your photos

Imagine if I told you that every photograph you have ever taken or had taken was lost forever with no way of ever retrieving them?  How would that make you feel?  I would be devastated if all of my photo memories were gone.  I’d never be able to look at the photographs and be reminded of fond memories or look through the photographs I have of relatives who have since passed.

You can avoid all of this though by simply creating a backup of all of your precious photographs.


Extended Family Portrait - photographer yeovilExtended Family Portrait - photographer yeovilThis is one from one of my extended family portraits.

Some of the options available for online backup services

  1.  Google Drive

Google offer a free of charge storage option for photographs and any other files too.You first 15gb of storage is completely free too making it a top choice for an online backup service.They offer an app too for your phone and tablet so you can access all of your files on the go wherever you are (does require wifi or data).You can invite others to view your photographs in Google drive whist keeping some files private.If 15gb isn’t enough then you can upgrade.£1.99 per month will give you 100gb of storage and £7.99 will get you 1tb.


  1. Amazon Photo Storage

If you’re an Amazon Prime member then you have unlimited storage for your photographs.You can also nominate 5 other family members to also get unlimited storage too.Access your photos anywhere using their phone app.Along with free photo storage Amazon Prime offers its members unlimited next day delivery on thousands of items on the Amazon Website.Access to films and TV programs on Amazon video.Access to a selection of ebooks to read each month.Access to over two million songs on amazon music.They offer a free 30 day trial (although you must remember to let them know if you don’t want to continue it as payments are taken automatically)All of this will then cost either £7.99 a month or £79 per year.Not bad when you consider what you’re getting for that price.


  1. Dropbox

Dropbox offer 2gb of free storage for all of your file types.Of that’s not enough storage for you though they offer two upgrade options.For £7.99 a month you’ll get 1tb of space which is plenty for the average user.If like me though you have a number of photographs you want to store you might need to have their professional plan which is quite pricey at £19.99 a month and only gives 2tb of storage.


  1. icloud

if you have an apple product then you’ll already be familiar with icloud.If you don’t own an apple product though then an icloud account probably isn’t for you.If you’re interested though, Apple offer 5gb of free storage on their icloud service.You can use this to store any file and share across your apple devices and make automatic backups.If you run out of storage though their back up options are 0.79p per month for 50gb, £2.50 per month for 250gb and £6.99 a month for 2tb.


This is just four of the many online options available.  A quick google search will no doubt give a lot more options.  Options which you may already have access to but didn’t realise.  Email hosts, internet service providers all are likely to offer some form of storage.

How does online back up work?

Once you have downloaded the relevant software for your backup choice it is likely that you can set it up to backup certain files and folders automatically meaning that you don’t have to remember to save your files to your backup source.

Is it safe?

The biggest issue with using cloud storage is data security, as you are relying on the service to keep your files and documents secure. If your account is hacked, your files are immediately available – so always weigh up the risks before uploading more sensitive files.

Cloud storage companies typically use encryption to keep your information safe and two-step verification to ensure the right person has access to the account.

Encryption scrambles your data so that anyone unauthorised is unable to get to it. The strength of the encryption is at three levels, starting at 128-bit, rising to 192-bit and with 256-bit as the most secure. Two-step verification involves sending you a message and asking you to respond when you login or amend your account to check you have the authority to do so.


It would be great to hear from you if you’re using a backup service not mentioned here and equally if you are and have any comments to add about that service.  Feel free to comment below with any questions or comments you have.


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Christmas family portrait sessions: An insight into the making of my new Magical Christmas scene Christmas family portrait sessions: An insight into the making of my new Magical Christmas scene

Christmas photography sessionLittle girl reading a book at ChristmasKyla my daughter is reading while Santa makes an appearance outside

Here at Angel Eyes Photography, Christmas preparations are well and truly underway.

And, since I absolutely LOVE everything about Christmas and the festive season, I couldn’t be more excited! The countdown in my house is officially on!


Christmas family portrait sessions in Somerset

This year, at my photography studio, I’m offering two different types of Christmas family portrait sessions and these are now available to book.

My popular ‘Santa Window sessions’ are back, plus I’m introducing a brand-new concept - ‘Magical Christmas Mini Sessions’.

I’ve just begun sharing details of these sessions and already have had lots of interest in the Magical Christmas Mini sessions. If you’d like to know how I created it too, then read on!


A ‘Magical’ Christmas Portrait

When I started planning my festive concepts for this year, back in the summer holidays, I knew I wanted to create something fun but that captured the magical spirit of Christmas.

As a child, I loved Christmas and as an adult I still do! It’s definitely my favourite time of the year. I literally love anything and everything to do with Christmas and helping to spread festive cheer!


A cosy, traditional Christmas

For me, Christmas is all about cosy nights, sitting around a warm crackling fire, if we’re lucky, snow falling outside. And of course, it wouldn’t be completed without a beautifully decorated tree, Christmas carols playing in the background, wonderful food, and the company of great friends and close family.

As a child, I can remember itching with excitement on Christmas Eve, wanting to catch a glimpse of Santa and wondering about him flying around the world with his reindeer, delivering presents to children. 

And now, as a parent myself, I love recreating that magic for my own children. Seeing their faces and eyes light up in anticipation of Christmas is very special, and something that I love to help create for my clients too.  


Behind the scenes: How I created the Magical Christmas Mini sessions

These happy memories of a very traditional Christmas are what has inspired me to create a magical feeling in the photography studio this year.

The festive scene centres around a cosy sitting room setting, decorated with traditional Christmas colours, with presents around the tree and snow falling outside.

Any child or family taking part in the sessions will be sat on the chaise long, either reading a book – as shown above –, sleeping on the Chaise Lounge, sat on the floor in front of the Chaise Lounge and they can be looking to camera too if preferred.  

Of course, I wanted Father Christmas to make an appearance. And I loved the idea of having him in the portrait but in a fun way. So, I used my digital editing skills to create a cheeky backdrop!

I overlaid Santa onto a photograph I had taken many years ago when we had been blessed with snow. And then combined that with a photograph I had taken of a lovely large window at a local farmhouse.

The final portraits I will take during the Magical Christmas Minis will combine all of these elements, as well as the portrait I take of your family in my studio. Clever, right?

It really has been a lot of fun coming up with the concept for this and creating it piece by piece.

I’ve invested in professional training to learn and improve my digital editing skills over the years, and now, with everything all ready to go, I’m very proud of what I’ve created for these Christmas family portrait sessions.

Girl lying down with santa in windowGirl lying down with santa in windowMt daughter is asleep which santa watches through the window

Unique Christmas family portrait sessions

As you’ll have realised, these Magical Christmas Mini sessions are completely unique to my photography studio, unlike anything that you’ll be able to experience elsewhere.

And I very much hope that you will come and join me for a session between the 6th and 12th November when these sessions are taking place. If you’d like to, you can book yours here.


As well as being a lovely memento of your family, the portraits I take during the Christmas mini session are a great way to obtain professional quality photographs that are ideal as gifts for friends and family. They can also be used to create personalised Christmas cards too!

For further information or to secure your Christmas Mini Session, please read all the details here about the Magical Christmas Mini Sessions and Santa Window Sessions. Please aim to book as early as possible as these are popular sessions and they sell out fast.


I also created a video showing how the magic was created!

Christmas Mini Session behind the scenesSee how I created the macic in this video


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Questions to ask a newborn baby photographer Questions to ask a newborn baby photographer


Baby Iyla dozing on her backBaby Iyla dozing on her backIyla is doxing on her back wearing my lace trousers


No doubt you have lots of questions in your mind if you’re looking to hire a newborn baby photographer. Especially if you have never booked a newborn photoshoot before.

So, today I’m sharing with you my advice on what to look for in a newborn photographer. And, I’m suggesting some of the questions to ask a newborn baby photographer before booking your session.  

After all, no two newborn photographers are the same. And you’ll probably have noticed that all offer different services, price their packages differently and have their own unique style.

So, how the heck do you decide on who to choose?!


1. Are you a professional newborn photographer?

I highly recommend that you only consider professional photographers, and specifically those who are experienced in photographing and handling newborn babies.

Professionals, who are serious about what they do as newborn baby photographers, will have invested time and money in training that is specific to newborn photography.

Please only put your precious little bundle in the hands of someone who has been trained, and ideally can prove considerable experience in photographing newborn babies.

Experienced newborn photographers will be able to demonstrate that they can create a variety of images and will have many examples in their online portfolio.  


Newborn with fox bonnetNewborn with fox bonnetLittle Rupert is looking super cute here in my fox bonnet and matching orange wrap

2. Are you safety trained?

Similarly, safety is a key part of any credible newborn photography training programme, so one of the first questions to ask a newborn baby photographer you are considering is if they are safety trained.

The safety and wellbeing of your little baby should be the most important thing to your photographer. While they are handling your baby, they should do so in a way that keeps them 100% safe at all times.

Days-old babies need to be kept warm and comfortable, and not be put into positions that put them at risk of rolling or falling.

Those pictures that you see of newborn babies that seem to defy gravity? They are composite images that are safely created during the editing process.

No newborn photographer should be putting a baby in positions that make them uncomfortable, that limit their circulation or seem dangerous to you. Before booking, do ask your photographer how they create complex baby poses and how they ensure your baby’s safety at all times.

newborn baby on a swingnewborn baby on a swingNewborn baby photographer on a swing with wood background

3. Are sibling/family pictures included in the photoshoot?

It’s also important that you are completely clear on what is included in the packages that your chosen newborn photographer offers.

Some photographers are happy to include your baby’s sibling(s) or immediate members of the family (mum and dad) in the baby portraits, but not all are.

If it’s important to you that you get a variety of images, including family portraits, from your newborn photoshoot then be sure to clarify this with your photographer before booking, and don’t just request this on the day. That way, you’ll avoid any misunderstandings and potential awkwardness on the day.

I always include photographs with the baby's immediate family (parents and siblings) which is why I offer a late afternoon evening option on a Tuesday and a Saturday morning when older siblings are less likely to be at school and partners are usually not working.


4. Are there facilities at the photography studio for the parents and the baby?

You’ll want to ensure that while your baby is being photographed, that you will have space to sit and relax. Especially since newborn photoshoots can take up to several hours to complete. So, do ask about facilities for parents within the photographer’s studio.

The most conscientious photographers will have considered yours and your babies needs and will provide comfortable seating, complimentary refreshments, as well as things like a baby changing mat, wet wipes and nappies for you to make use of during your time in their studio.

If you’d like to, ask your photographer if you can visit the studio in-person before booking. Or, request images of the inside of their studio, so you know what it looks like before you book if these aren’t already on their website.  


5. What do we need to know before coming to our photoshoot?

If you’ve chosen a well-regarded and experienced professional newborn photographer, chances are they will automatically ensure that you have all the information you need ahead of your photoshoot.

They’ll understand that you have questions about the process and will want to know what to bring along on the day, so they’ll have supplied this information to you well in advance.

Some may even go so far as to outline how you can prepare, to provide a packing list, and even to give advice on what foods to avoid on the day before the photoshoot if you’re breastfeeding your baby. This is my guide to what to expect from your newborn photography experience, as an example.

Baby Callie asleep in bedBaby Callie asleep in bedBaby Callie is posed on my little wooden bed in this one

6. How does your pricing work?

Pricing is certainly one of the questions to ask a newborn baby photographer!

It’s essential before booking that you are clear on how their prices and packages work and that you have the money to cover at least the minimum charge for professional baby photos.

You should research into whether they charge a session fee in addition to the fee for photo products. And if they offer packages, you’ll want to be crystal clear about what’s included and what isn’t.

Also, if you would like something different to what’s offered within a set package, be sure to ask in advance whether it’s possible to create a bespoke package or not.

Not all photographers will be flexible on this, so do your research beforehand and only commit if you are 100% happy with the fees and packages that your chosen photographer offers.    

Do also get clear on whether you are obligated to commit to a minimum spend or to purchase a certain number of images.


5. When will we receive our images?

Once you’ve had your newborn photoshoot, you’ll be itching to see the photos!

So, a great question to ask any photographer you are considering is how long after the shoot can you expect to receive them?

Many photographers offer the option of sharing a taster image from the final gallery within 24-48 hours of the session, which is really exciting for the parents. Then, usually, the final gallery is available for you to view within 2-3 weeks after the original session.

I invite all my clients back for a viewing and ordering session a couple of weeks after their original session, and this is when they are shown the full gallery of portraits and can choose which ones to have printed and made into wall art.


For further information about my newborn photography services, please visit my newborn photography FAQ's Page. And if you’d like to book in for a newborn photoshoot here at my Somerset-based photography studio, please contact me. Please aim to book as early as possible and, ideally, soon after your 20-week scan.





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How much does a newborn photoshoot cost? How much does a newborn photoshoot cost?

Newborn Indie all wrapped up with heartNewborn Indie all wrapped up with heartNewborn Indie all wrapped up in my potato sack pose taken at my somerset photography studio

If you’re expecting a baby, you may well be already thinking about hiring a professional newborn photographer to capture those first blissful days of your baby’s life.

And it’s likely that one of the first questions you’re wondering is ‘how much does a newborn photoshoot cost’?

So, in today’s blog, I’m explaining how my newborn photography packages work so that you can get crystal clear on the costs involved.


I’m answering all the questions I commonly get asked about my newborn photography packages so, hopefully, by the time you’ve read this, you’ll have all your questions answered. If not though, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to explain further.


Baby wrapped in a CrateBaby wrapped in a CrateThis baby is posed in a crate all wrapped up How much does a newborn photography session cost?

If you’ve looked at the websites of other newborn photographers, you’ll likely have noticed that some charge a ‘session fee’. This is commonly explained as a charge to cover the exclusive use of the photographer’s studio for the duration of your session, the photographer’s time and skill, and use of their newborn props.


At Angel Eyes Photography however I don’t charge a session fee for my newborn photography services.  I use a package structure so that you know exactly how much the session will cost.


And better yet, at no time are you under any obligation to purchase any extra products if you don’t want to.


I’m not a pushy salesperson and am not interested in forcing you to buy any products if you are not entirely happy. Nor do I over-complicate things.


Instead, I offer three packages that are straight-forward and simple to understand, because I want to make the process as easy as possible for you. You have enough to think about with a new baby on the scene after all!


My packages range from £175-£399. So, to answer your question about how much does newborn photoshoot cost, if you choose me, you’re looking at a minimum investment of £175 (which is my ‘All wrapped up’ package), with the option to purchase beautiful wall pieces and prints (as most of my clients do).


The two other options are ‘Classic’ which is £299, and the ‘Premium’ package is £399. Please view the newborn photography packages in more detail here.



Do we need to pay a deposit?


Your session can be booked into my diary on the payment of a £75 booking fee, which can then be used as part-payment towards any one of my newborn photography packages.


Baby Callie asleep in bedBaby Callie asleep in bedBaby Callie is posed on my little wooden bed in this one

When do we have to decide what package we want?


This is decided before you book the session, we’ll then agree a date and time for your session and then an ordering appointment which is when you see your images for the first time and choose your images to make up your chosen package.


You’ll have the chance to view at least 20 beautifully edited final images at your ordering session.



What if we don’t want to buy one of the packages?


I only offer the set packages listed on my website.  This helps you to spread the cost out more and allows me to plan my finances so its win, win for both of us.


Eva Newborn-24Eva Newborn-24 We’re not sure what we want. Can we meet you before booking to get some advice?


Yes! I love to chat with my clients before they book! We can then discuss the session, the ordering process, the products I offer, and I can get an idea of what you like in terms of colours, styles, and if you prefer colour or black and white images. 


This consultation comes with no obligation to go ahead and book a session with me and can be scheduled to take place at my studio over tea, coffee and biscuits or over the telephone if you prefer. Simply get in touch to book your complimentary, no-obligation appointment.



How do you take payment of the £75 booking fee?


I will take a card payment from you, over the phone, or a bank transfer when we agree your session date.



When do we pay for the photos and wall art?


When you decide on the package you wish to purchase, You need to pay the booking fee mentioned above to secure your slot.  The balance of the package is then due a minimum of 24 hours before the session.  Payment for any optional extras and wall art is due when you order them at your ordering appointment.  Normally, digitals are sent to you the same day.  Prints are available for collection or delivery around 7 days after purchase and Canvas and Acrylics are available for collection in 5-6 weeks.


Baby Iyla dozing on her backBaby Iyla dozing on her backIyla is doxing on her back wearing my lace trousers What’s the difference between a newborn photography session and a 'Dinky' newborn session?


My 'Dinky' newborn sessions are a very short and sweet version of a full newborn photography session. And in terms of the newborn photoshoot cost, this is also charged differently.  


Mini newborn photoshoots cost £99 (payable at the time of booking). Three digital image downloads are included in that price, and you have the option to purchase more if you want.

Mini sessions are perfect for those wanting a professional newborn photo shoot with a fully trained newborn photographer, but who are on a set budget.


But, please note, I only create simple poses and natural images of your baby, there is no option to purchase prints or wall art products such as canvases and acrylics if you decide you want these after your session, and no family and parent photographs are included.


Click here for more information about my Dinky Newborn sessions



Why should we buy prints and wall art from you rather than from the High Street?


While purchasing digital files gives you the flexibility of buying your own prints and products, I strongly believe that the photographs deserve to be printed on the best-quality photographic paper and that anything less just doesn’t do them justice.


Which is why the photo prints and wall art products I offer in my newborn photography packages are guaranteed to be printed by reputable, professional printers, to the highest quality and on professional standard paper.


For further information, do visit my newborn photography FAQ's Page. And if you’d like to book in for a newborn photoshoot, please contact me. Please aim to book as early as possible and, ideally, soon after your 20-week scan.




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Why Hire a Professional photographer when you can use your iPhone? Why Hire a Professional photographer when you can use your iPhone?


These days when phones have such good cameras on them, what really is the point in hiring a professional photographer to take photographs?  Hiring a professional with experience can seem unnecessary and expensive to some and with such a lot of people taking up photography as a profession these days the choice can be somewhat overwhelming and off putting.


I really believe though that professional photographs are such a great investment (Well why wouldn't I, I hear you say) 


Whilst at a wedding the other day I took a photograph of the bride and her bridesmaids on both my iPhone as well as my DSLR camera, I think that the results speak for themselves.


There are also other reasons I feel that booking a professional photographer is something everyone should be considering.


1.  Stress - Taking photographs of your own children for example is not an easy task, getting them to sit still, look at the camera, smile at the same time etc can seem impossible at times, especially when you're the parent.  With Weddings, would you want to rely on everyone else to capture everything about your day?


2.  Equipment and Training - Don't get me wrong, the iPhone takes great pictures, I use one myself.  But the capabilities of camera phones and photo editing apps isn't going to give you the same results as a professional.  Most professionals have the best equipment and have invested thousands on training.


3.  Print Quality - The prints that you buy from a professional photographer will far outweigh in quality the prints that you get from your phone.  Most photographers have access to professional photo printing labs where the high quality product means your photographs will not wear or fade considerably over time like the prints you can get on these cheap printing apps.


Finally here are the results from the wedding I was telling you about earlier in this blog.


This is the photograph I took on my iPhone

This is the one I took on my DSLR


Which one do you prefer?





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What to expect from your newborn photography experience – Newborn Photographer Somerset What to expect from your newborn photography experience – Newborn Photographer Somerset


If you are visiting my website blog today because you have booked a newborn session with me and want to know what happens next then you are in the right place.  If you haven't booked yet and are just researching then I am sure you will also find this helpful.


So, your gorgeous baby has finally arrived after a long nine months of waiting.  The newborn phase passes so quickly so you want to capture it perfectly - before you know it your baby will be smiling, crawling, walking and talking!  You’ll probably treasure the photographs from your baby’s first year the very most since they grow and change so much during this time.


You may have spent a long time researching and chatting with different photographers in Somerset and I feel honoured that you have chosen me to capture memories of this very special time.  You’re now probably wondering what happens next.


Firstly, please let me assure you that your baby is in safe hands.  I have completed extensive training in Newborn photography and the safe posing and handling of newborn babies.  I take newborn safety very seriously.  This is always my number one priority during the session.


I have been photographing newborn babies since 2012 and have literally photographed 100’s of newborns in this time.


I am a Mum to 3 children myself so I understand that handing your precious baby over to someone you have only just met can be a rather daunting experience.


I encourage the parents to sit close by and watch me work.  Occasionally I may ask for one of you to help me.  This is because some of the props I use for your session might involve me being more than an arm’s length away from your baby and I’ll need one of you to sit very close by and watch while I take the photographs I need.


You can help the session run more smoothly too with some planning.




Firstly, newborn sessions last 2-4 hours, sometimes longer, so please do not plan anything else for the day of your session.  Newborns cannot be rushed and sometimes some extra time is needed.  Patience is definitely the key to a great newborn session.


On the Day before the session


Please pack your bags in advance.  You will be less likely to forget something you need.  Please remember to bring plenty of nappies and some spare clothes for baby AND yourselves just in case.  


Mum and Dad are a big part of the show!



If you prefer not to be shirtless, I ask that is possible you bring a plain, tight fitting t-shirt to wear with a good, snug pair of jeans or trousers.  If possible, avoid wearing tops with logos.  A simple, white collared shirt with sleeves that can roll up is also nice.



A loose-fitting tunic top works well.  Keep the colour neutral and design simple.  Also, bring a strappy vest in either nude, white or black.  Please use very natural colour nail polish (or none) as your hands may make their way into the images.  


Please consider bringing an extra outfit, in case your baby decides to go to the toilet whilst we are taking photographs of you holding them.  Just as they encourage at the hospital, skin-to-skin contact creates the most beautiful images and these are the pictures you and your baby will cherish most in the years to come!


If you have older children please bring them along too to be photographed with the baby, I just ask that due to the length of the session, please if possible, arrange for another family member to take the older one’s home once we have done their photographs with the baby.  This will usually be done at the beginning of the session.  Children do tend to get bored and to get the best from the session noise would need to be kept to a minimum.  Please dress them in neutral plain colours which match Mum and Dad.


If you are breastfeeding, then I advise avoiding certain foods before the session.  The list of foods below can sometimes make newborn babies windier and cause colic like symptoms.

Please avoid the following foods on the day before the session:

Foods containing Citric Acid such as:








Tomato based sauces






Spicy food


Please also avoid the following vegetables:







Brussel Sprouts



Family with newborn babyFamily with newborn babyFamily of 6 newborn photoshoot family photo

The hours leading up to the session 


Please try as much as possible to keep your baby awake an hour or two before the session, try a bath and a massage, tickling toes and try not to give your baby a dummy for the few hours beforehand (if you use one).  This will all help to ensure those squishy, sleepy pictures we all love!  This is perhaps the most important part of preparing your baby for an easy session but of course if your baby is very tired and needs to sleep or feed, please let them.  Your baby will normally fall asleep in the car on the way to see me, but can sometimes wake up when undressed once you have arrived, therefore, please could you avoid putting them in clothing that goes over their head like vests and perhaps use sleepsuits only that button down the front.  This will make it easier to undress them without waking them and we can then sometimes start the session straight away.  If they do wake up though it's not a problem.


Newborn sessions typically last between 2 and 4 hours and sometimes longer if your baby is a light sleeper, very alert or hungry.  The easiest way to ensure a sleepy baby is the willingness to nurse/bottle-feed on and off during the session, so bring extra bottles if you are bottle feeding.


Due to the time it takes to complete the session, I do offer tea, coffee and water, I would suggest that you eat before leaving and bring along some snacks, especially if mum is breastfeeding.


The temperature at the studio is fairly warm, I will be dressed like it is Summer and you should too.  I do this to keep your baby warm, snug and sleepy.  As a result, some babies to get hungrier than normal so if you are bottle feeding, bring a few extra bottles along.  


During the newborn session


Settling your baby enough to pose them and take photographs may take time.  A good 50% of the session will involve feeding, soothing and settling your baby.  It will all depend on your baby’s mood and willingness to sleep.  Unfortunately, this isn’t something that can be predicted so since your baby will pick up on any frustration in the room, please try not to worry about it.  It’s super important that everyone in the room remains calm and relaxed.  And if sleep doesn’t happen at all then providing they are settled we can photograph them in some poses suitable for an awake baby instead.


Some babies are extra fussy and sensitive to touch, these babies will always be harder to photograph but not impossible.  Please don’t worry if your baby isn’t cooperating.  I have picked up several tips over the years that will help to settle even the most unsettled baby.  The session is entirely baby led, we will go with what your baby is most comfortable with, occasionally this might mean that some poses will be missed out and replaced with poses your baby is happier and more comfortable with.


Please don’t panic if your baby decides to use my props, blankets or me as their own personal potty.  As you can imagine, this is something that happens at nearly every session so I expect it.  Please don’t be embarrassed.  All props and blankets are washed after each session anyway.


I want you to spend this time feeling comfortable and at home.  I am privileged to be able to document this incredible time in your lives and really look forward to getting to know you and your brand new baby!


baby in a basket with cars around himbaby in a basket with cars around himBaby Jack is posed here in a shallow basket with cars decorated around the edge.

After the session


Once I have received your questionnaire back, you will be booked in for your Ordering appointment.  This is when you will see the photographs taken at the session and place orders for any products you would like.  More information about the ordering appointment is available here.  


If you have any questions at any time, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.


Bye for now


Sarah – Angel Eyes Photography – Newborn Photographer Somerset








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I am a BANPAS (Baby and Newborn Photography Association) Member!

I am a BANPAS member!


As a newborn and baby photographer, I have to take the safety of my little clients very seriously.


It might surprise you to know that the newborn photography industry is completely unregulated. Photographers like me, who take safety seriously, have to take it upon ourselves to be trained and educated on how to ensure the beautiful images we create, are done safely.

For example when you see a beautiful image like this 

You may be forgiven for thinking that the baby here was left suspended in the air on the swing but actually I created this image using 2 different images.


Here are the ‘before’ images used to create the final portrait.

Composite image 1 for newborn on swing - newborn photography somersetComposite image 1 for newborn on swing - newborn photography somersetPhotograph 1 in composite of newborn on a swing image number 2 in composite of newborn on a swing - baby photography somersetimage number 2 in composite of newborn on a swing - baby photography somersetsecond image used to composite newborn on a swing

Being a newborn and baby photographer requires a unique set of skills and there is a worldwide organisation that exists to support photographers like me, who want to have access to safety training and resources that we can use to provide clients like you with a better service.


I’m delighted to be a member of BANPAS (Baby & Newborn Photography Association). To find out more about BANPAS, you can view their website

It explains why your should book a professional photographer and how to know if your photographer is safe.  


You will be able to find me on their directory of photographers here: .


They also have a fabulous Facebook page for pregnant and new parents here


For more information, I’d be delighted to chat to you about how I can create a beautiful gallery of images of your newborn and how I do that safely.

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Gift Vouchers make great Christmas Presents! Gift Vouchers make great Christmas Presents!


Give the perfect gift this year for Christmas and buy your loved ones a gift voucher towards a photography session with me at Angel Eyes Photography.


Vouchers can be bought in any amount from £10 so can suit any budget.


All vouchers have a 6 month used by date and can be put towards any session or products.



Vouchers can be posted or collected from my studio in South Petherton, Somerset.  Please note there is a postage and packing charge of £1.50.


Family shot of Mum Dad and baby - family photographer somersetFamily shot of Mum Dad and baby - family photographer somersetLovely family photograph of Lola with her Mum and Dad


Give a gift they'll love this year!


Please order your voucher by getting in touch on [email protected]




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I am one of only 15 Photographers in Somerset to be awarded my LSWPP Qualification! I am one of the only Photographers in Somerset to be awarded my LSWPP Qualification!


For the last 6 months I have been working on my own personal goals with my photography.  One of those goals was to achieve my Licentiate qualification with The Societies of Photographers.  So I have been busy behind the scenes working on bettering my photography skills in order to meet the requirements for this qualification.


I'm very pleased to say that I submitted my panel of images last week and received confirmation in the post yesterday that I have passed and been awarded my Licentiate in photography.


Licentiate qualification for wedding photographer somersetLicentiate qualification for wedding photographer somersetAngel Eyes Photography has qualified with the SWPP and is one of only 15 photographers in somerset to gain this qualification

This is quite something for me a I am now one of only 15 Somerset Photographers who have been awarded with a qualification like this.


Licentiate Certificate for wedding photographer somersetLicentiate Certificate for wedding photographer somersetCertificate for my qualification with the SWPP

I am the only photographer in Yeovil area to be awarded with an LSWPP in Photography and one of only 3 photographers in Taunton too!


I think having personal goals within your business plan is a must as it keeps you on your toes and means that you are always looking at ways you can improve your skills.  This can only result in you providing the best possible photography service to your clients.


The images below are the photographs that I sent to The Societies of Photographers for my Licentiate Qualification.

My Licentiate Panel of my baby photography in SomersetMy Licentiate Panel of my baby photography in SomersetAll of the images that I submitted to the SWPP

A big thank you to all of my customers who support me as a business and also those who allow my to use images from their sessions for this sort of thing.  With out you I would not have been able to achieve this so quickly.


Here is a slideshow of the images also for easier viewing.

Feel free to share this and any comments you have below.


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Tips on Photographing children that DO NOT what to be photographed! Tip’s on Photographing children that DO NOT what to be photographed!


Five year old girl with her twin newborn brothers - photographer somersetFive year old girl with her twin newborn brothers - photographer somersetAda giving her new twin brothers a cuddle


I expect that you can already relate to the title of this blog! 


I have parents telling me all the time about how reluctant their child is at home and on days out when it comes to taking photographs of them.


Photographing children can certainly be a complicated and frustrating task!


As a newborn baby, child and family photographer I’ve spent a lot of time over the years trying to photograph the most reluctant children especially my own!


So I am sure you’re wondering how I do it, right?  Well I will be sharing some of my top tips for getting even the most stubborn children on board when it comes to taking their photographs.  These tips aren’t just for photographing children in the studio though, lots of these tips can also be used at home!


Jack's 6 month session - photographer yeovilJack's 6 month session - photographer yeovilJack enjoyed his photo shoot at my studio


1. Always be ready to take the photograph


When I say this I mean having the camera ready and your desired settings already plumbed in!  You usually won’t get a very large window of opportunity with a reluctant child so having everything ready to go is a must.  You don’t want to miss that split second smile or striking glance.


2.  Don’t be shy!


Children love it when you act the fool!  But what makes one child laugh may only get a glare from another child!  Every child is totally different and just like you and me, they like different things.  So here’s a few ideas on what you can do:

  • Peek-a-boo Children, especially young ones love a game of peek-a-boo and this is usually a great way to get them smiling and looking at the camera.
  • Singing!  Singing not only engages the child with you but some young children will even do a little dance for you too!
  • Talking to them, this works especially well for children aged between 3 and 6.  Ask them what their favourite things are, colour, tv program etc etc.  Then ask what they don’t like and make a joke out of it.



Bubble fun - photographer tauntonBubble fun - photographer tauntonBubbles are a great fun end to a 1st birthday photo shoot or Cake Smash


3. Do not rush the child


A child who feels rushed will generally not co-operate at all.  For example, you have an appointment or something else important to attend, the alarm didn’t wake you and you’re now running late, you’re rushing and you want your child to do everything you ask, when you ask so you are not late.  But your child is more interested in playing or anything else except doing what you ask.  You ask them to be quicker but they slow down. Sound familiar?  Creating a calm environment and allowing enough time for your child to feel more comfortable, especially in places that are unfamiliar to them are all essential to getting the photographs you want and most importantly, DON’T rush!  Good things come to those that wait so stay calm and be prepared to wait as long as necessary.


4. Do not pressure them


Children are very good at sensing things so keeping the pressure of is a must!  Children will usually do the exact opposite of what you want them too if they are feeling the pressure.  Just relax and let your child do their thing.  Give them choices so they feel like they have some control over what you are doing.  For example: Would you like to sit on the chair or the stool?  Or shall we go under that tree or in front of the hedge over there?


Cousins photo shoot - photographer chardCousins photo shoot - photographer chardThese cousins came fr a photo shoot together at my studio



I hope that you have gained some useful tips from this blog.  Please feel free to share your own tips and tricks and I would love to hear about any silly things you’ve had to do in the past to get that one photograph!  Please comment below.


"tips on photographing reluctant children"3 year old girl in buttercup field - photographing reluctant childrenLily enjoyed picking the flowers during her photo shoot



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Newborn Photography FAQ's Newborn Photography FAQ’s


Baby Iyla dozing on her backBaby Iyla dozing on her backIyla is doxing on her back wearing my lace trousers



When should I book my Session:


I only offer a limited number of newborn sessions each month so that I am able give each of these clients the best possible service and experience.  To guarantee a space for a newborn session I advise booking as soon as you can before your baby is born.  Whether that's when you've just found out you're expecting or prefer to wait until your due date is confirmed, you will be more likely to get a slot by booking early.  I will then book you in around 2-3 weeks after your due date.  


My baby has already been born is it too late to book?


No!  Whilst I usually book clients many months in advance I sometimes have the odd space available so please don’t hesitate getting in touch even if your baby has already arrived.


My baby is older than your recommended age of up to 6-8 weeks is it still possible to have a newborn session?


Yes!  Babies are easier to pose without waking them when they are under 6 weeks but I have had some very successful sessions with babies up to 10 weeks.  Usually with an older newborn there will be a mix of awake and sleepy poses.  Sometimes with an older newborn it may not be possible to pose them in some of the positions seen in my Newborn Portfolio as they begin to develop muscle tone at around 6 weeks which prevents them from being able to be put in the positions.  There will still be lots of positions that we can do though to give that sleepy curly newborn style.  Without meeting your baby and trying the session I am not able to predict how successful the session will be though.


Where will the session take place?


Newborn photo shoots always take place at my well equipped relaxed studio in South Petherton, Somerset.


How long will the session last?


Newborn sessions can take between 1 and 4 hours depending on the package you have booked so please make sure you allow enough time.  I advise that you keep the rest of the day free of any appointments or meet ups just incase the session takes a little longer than planned.


Close up of newborn baby Eva's faceClose up of newborn baby Eva's faceNewborn baby photographed at the Angel Eyes Photography studio


I am expecting twins or triplets, do I have to pay more for the session?


No, I don't charge extra for twins or triplets.



When do I have to pay for the session?


The booking fee of £75 (£99 for the Watch me Grow Package) is due when you book the session.  

This can be used as part payment for your chosen package and the then full payment is required a minimum of 24 hours before your session.


What happens if my baby arrives early?


Please let me know as soon as you are able to if your baby arrives earlier than expected.  I keep a few days free each month to allow for early arrivals so we can bring the session forward if needed.  Please note that it may not be possible to offer a weekend or evening appointment though if a reschedule is required.



What happens if my baby is late arriving?


If your baby still has not arrived 1 week prior to the scheduled session date then please get in touch with me asap.  I keep a few days free each month to allow for late arrivals so we will reschedule for a later date.  It likely that once you are 1-2 weeks overdue you will have a plan with your healthcare provider and know when an induction is likely to take place which will make it easier to choose a good date for the session. Please note that it may not be possible to offer a weekend or evening appointment though if a reschedule is required.


Newborn baby Eva sleeping comfortablyNewborn baby Eva sleeping comfortablyTaken at Angel Eyes Photography Somerset




What can I do to make the session run more smoothly?


I have information that I send to clients with hints and tips on preparing for a newborn session, you can read this HERE.


Do you include a family photograph in the session?


Yes, the session can include a family photograph if wanted. This is limited to immediate family only (Newborns parents and siblings)


I would like a photograph of the baby with my older children is that included?


Yes, I can also include a photograph of the baby with their siblings.  Please note though that due to the length of the session, I do recommend that older children are taken home or to the local park by a family member once their photographs have been taken with the baby as children tend to get bored during the session and we would need noise kept to a minimum.


What should we wear?


Keeping it simple is the best way.  Newborns are photographed tastefully nude or wrapped.  The rest of the family I recommend co-ordinating your clothing with each other and I have some very good tips in another blog post HERE.


Cradled in the arms of Mummy and Daddy - baby photography somersetCradled in the arms of Mummy and Daddy - baby photography somersetLittle Ivy safe in the arms of her Mum and Dad in my studio in Somerset


Do you provide the props and hats etc or do we have to bring them?


Yes, I provide all the props, hats and little outfits you see in my newborn portfolio.  There is no need to bring your own, however if you do have something of your own you want included in the session I will be happy to try and accommodate this.


How many final images will I be shown at my ordering appointment?


Each newborn session is dictated by how well your baby settles during the session.  It is not possible to say exactly how many images there would be in your gallery but I do aim for you to have plenty of choice for your package so there will usually be more images in the final gallery than your package includes so that you have a choice on which images you want to keep.


Can I see the photographs in black and white also?



If I feel the image is suited to black and white, you will be shown a black and white copy of that image.


If I buy one of the photographs in colour do I get the black and white one too?


No, each image is separate.  If you want an image in colour and black and white then you would need to purchase both.


Twin wrapped in circleTwin wrapped in circleThis is one of my favourite twin images and one I always like to include in my twin newborn photo sessions.


How long will it be before the photographs are ready for viewing?


Images are usually ready for viewing from 10 days after the session date.  An appointment will be arranged with you either before your session or while you are at the session.


I am ready to book or have a question?


Great!  I take all of my bookings over the phone so please feel free to give me a call on 07936146121 or if you prefer you can schedule a free of charge no obligation telephone consultation and I will call you at the time you book.

If you prefer you can get in touch via email on [email protected]


Please if you have any questions that I have not covered you are welcome to use the comments below or contact me privately.


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What to wear for your photo shoot What to wear for your photo shoot


So you've booked a session with me at Angel Eyes Photography.  Now comes the question, what on earth are we going to wear?


I get asked this question a lot.  Everyone wants to look their best and since these images will be on your walls for years to come you'll want to be happy with everything including the clothing choices you made for the session.  This is definitely not something that should be overlooked so please make some time to think about what you'll wear on the day.

What we are trying to achieve:


  • To make the people the main focus


  • To flatter the subjects and make everyone look their best


How to make good choices:


  • Where possible wear solid colours, clothing with detail like patterns and motives can be distracting and take the focus away from the people in the portrait.


  • Choose 1-4 colours that match and compliment each other and stick with it.  For example everyone wears the same colour bottom and the same colour tops like blue jeans and white tops.  Or some where blue jeans and black tops and some black jeans and blue tops.  Make sure you all blend well, beige, cream and dusky pink are all muted tones and therefore match nicely.  We don't want one person to stand out more than everyone else.


  • Wear a top with sleeves to at least the elbow and bottoms below the knee or full length, we want the most skin on show to be your face not your legs or arms.


  • If you are not willing to go barefoot for the photo session then everyone wear black or white socks.  If you're wearing white or very light coloured bottoms then go for white socks and dark bottoms black socks.  You don't want the focus to be on your bright pink patterned socks.  For the absolute best images then please go barefoot.


  • Keep jewellery simple and to the minimum, too much will draw the attention from your face.


  • Do your hair the way you normally wear it, we want the portrait to reflect who you really are and what you really look like.


For more ideas and inspiration I have created a Pinterest board with some great ideas on clothing choices that compliment each other the best so please take a look for some further inspiration.  CLICK HERE to visit my board on Pinterest.


So you can see for yourself I have added a couple of photographs below where I feel the subject has made a good choice with their clothing.

family photography somersetFamily photo shootFamily photo shoot with everyone wearing the same.

family photography everyone wearing the sameThree brothers alikeThree brother wearing the same for their photo shoot


Mother and daughter photo shootMother and daughter photo shootMother and daughter wearing the same clothing

Thanks for reading.  Don't forget to leave with a like and share if you can.  I would really appreciate it.


If you have any questions or thoughts on this then please feel free to share them below.

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Why you should book your Newborn Photography Session early Booking your newborn photography session


With so many things to think about buying and getting ready when you have a baby arriving it's not unusual for clients to wait until their babies have been born before they think about booking a professional newborn photo shoot. However many photographers in Somerset don't have availability for last minute newborn photography sessions since most are ready to take bookings from as early as the 20 weeks scan many slots are already filled.  This often leads to disappointment due to lack of availability or clients not being able to book their first choice of photographer to capture their newborn in their first few weeks of life.


Newborn photographer yeovilNewborn in a basket photographNewborn baby girl curled up in one of my lovely basket props.

I'd say my busiest time of the year is definitely the months leading up to Christmas.  The last three years I have been completely fully booked for newborn sessions from September to December leaving no availability at all until the new year for newborn photography sessions.  I always end up turning away several clients at this time of year and with many other local photographers in the same position a lot of these clients have been unable to book a professional photographer to capture their newborn.

Baby photographer TauntonNewborn sleeping in bed with Santa and Rudolf looking over her.Newborn Dorothy sleeping peacefully on my bed prop Many of these clients that were turned away either did not think about booking their session due to all the other things that needed arranging or simply were not aware that they could book in early from their 20 week scan.  So here is a reminder to all of you lovely expectant Mum's and Dad's, if you're looking for a professional newborn photography session NOW is the time to start looking around!

newborn photographer devonMum and Dad cradling their newborn sonMum and dad captured here cradling their newborn in their arms Then comes the next problem, unless you already have a photographer in mind, who do you choose to photograph your newborn baby?  Well here's how I can help!  Listed below are a few tip and things to look out for.


  1. Do you like the photographers newborn work?  Many photographers have their own style.  Do you like what you see in their newborn portfolio.
  2. Does the photographer have all of the relevant insurance like public liability and indemnity insurance for their business.  You want to know they are serious about what they do.  Insurance is a must, don't be afraid to ask for proof the photographer is insured.
  3. Have they had Newborn Photography Training?  Owning a great camera and running a successful photography business does not automatically qualify someone to practice The Art of Newborn Photography.  You want someone who is an expert at posing, settling and photographing newborn babies SAFELY.  You need to be able to trust your photographer.  After all this is your newborn baby!  Ask for the trainers contact details so you can check all this out.  Your baby's safety should be the photographers number one priority.
  4. ​Check out what other clients have said about the service they received, either their website or Facebook Page should have a section where clients can leave a review which can then be viewed publicly by any potential clients.


None of these questions or requests should phase a photographer and they should all be more than happy to provide everything you need in order for you to have peace of mind.

yeovil photographerTwin boys snuggled togetherLovely image of twin boys Joseph and Jasper created at their home in Taunton, Somerset

More information about the newborn photography I do can be found on my website HERE.


Please get in touch to check availability for your newborn photo shoot.  Text me on 07936146121 to see if there are dates available for your due date.  Or feel free to give me a call.


Please take a look at my recent favourites from my newborn photography work.


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Out of School activities by somerset photographer Angel Eyes Photography Out of School Activities


Something I see getting asked a lot on Mum groups on Facebook and other places is 'what activities are available for my age xx child'  Or people are looking for new suggestions for activities in the area. 


A little while ago I conducted a little Facebook survey to find out what children in the Somerset are are participating in when it comes to out of school activities and I was really surprised to see just how much is available to children.  Especially if you don't mind travelling to the bigger towns such as Taunton and Yeovil.


I thought that this would make a really useful blog topic for parents looking to get their children in to clubs and doing activities.



This was by far the most popular activity the children were participating in.  Swimming is a great and fun way to get your child active and water confident.  Most pools offer swimming lessons and classes for babies who are just a few yeas old right up to adulthood.  There are many benefits to swimming such as improving physical fitness, co-ordination and of course learning to swim is a skill that could end up saving somebodies life.  I found this handy website which lists all of the swimming pools close to you and quickly links you to the pools website so you can see what they offer.  If swimming is something you're looking for then take a look at the website HERE.



Another popular activity was Dance Classes.  With so many different options available such as ballet, tap, jazz musical theatre and more this is a great option for both girls and boys.  There are several dance schools offering classes in the somerset area so you don't necessarily need to travel to the bigger towns such as yeovil and Taunton to find a class.  Smaller towns including Crewkerne Chard and Ilminster all have dance classes on offer.


Rainbows, Brownies and Guides

RainbowsRainbows is a great first club for your little girl to join.  It is suitable for girls between the age of 5 and 7 years and they offer usually weekly meetings during term time.  Activities such as cooking, art and craft and day trips are just some of the things Rainbows have to offer.

BrowniesBrownies is the next stage up from Rainbows and is suitable for girls between the age of 7 and 10 years.  The Brownies usually meet once a week during term time and take part in local events, day trips and brownie camps.  Members can earn badges for different activities.

GuidesGuides is the next stage up for Brownies and is suited to girls aged from 10 to 14 years.  Guides also have a badge scheme where girls are awarded badges for different activities and for completing certain challenges.  Girl Guides usually take part in both local and some national events, one being the Bath and west show and have day trips and camping holidays.

To find out more about these 3 clubs and to get your daughter involved please take a look at the Guiding website HERE.


Beavers, Cubs and Scouts

Beavers - Beavers is suitable for little boys aged between 6 and 8 years.  They usually meet once per week during term time and have activities such as outdoor activities, art and craft exploring the local area and sleep overs.  They offer challenge awards and a badge earning scheme.

CubsCubs is the next stage for those leaving Beavers and is suitable for boy aged between 8 and 10.5.  Cubs offer outdoor activities day trips and camping holidays.  There are a range of awards and badges to be earned.

ScoutsScouts is suitable for boys aged between 10.5 and 14 years. Scouts are encouraged to work together and take the lead on all sorts of projects, from community based work to planning games and activities for their meetings.  They are offered a wide range of activities such as  as camping, survival and cooking, as well as a wider spectrum of adventurous activities, from abseiling to zorbing.

For more information about these or to get your child joined up, please visit their website HERE.



Gymnastics is one of the most comprehensive lifestyle exercise programs available to children, incorporating strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, power, and discipline. Whether they are involved in recreational gymnastics or with a competition squad, skills learned in gymnastics can benefit a child’s overall development.  There are many classes and groups available to children in Somerset with most being in Yeovil and Taunton.  To find a gym class near you, take a look at this website HERE.


Karate and Martial Arts

Activities like tae kwon do, kung fu and aikido are a fun way for both boys and girls to achieve fitness and focus.  Progress is often marked by the belt system, which takes the beginner from a white belt through a variety of colors until black.


A system of self-development using kicks and punches. Its quick, sharp actions involve snapping movements of the joints, which means that kids need to warm up carefully.

Tae Kwon Do

A form of karate developed as a military art, which has become one of the more popular martial arts. It uses kicking and punching movements to energise the body, and breathing and meditation techniques to provide focus.


Taught as a competitive sport, judo teaches kids how to throw a partner using balance and leverage and helps them learn self-control and respect for their opponent.


A competitive form of self-defense that teaches students to use their opponent's weight and strength against him. Having a partner fosters cooperation.


Uses many of the same movements as jujitsu but is gentler and noncompetitive. It, too, is an excellent discipline for teaching children how to work with a partner.

Kung Fu

A rigorous and physical form of karate that involves more fluid movements than its Japanese cousin, making it easier on joints. It's fast-paced, so kids get an aerobic workout.

T'ai Chi

Focuses on balance, stretching and weight-bearing moves. T'ai Chi is easy on the joints, boosts flexibility and improves concentration skills.


There are loads of classes around these days for Martial Arts.  Towns including Yeovil and Taunton have many classes available on different days of the week but if you're looking for something more local then smaller towns like chard, Crewkerne and Ilminster also offer a small number of classes.  This WEBSITE offers a search facility to find Martial Arts classes near to you.



Participating in football, like any sport provides many health benefits for children.  Joining a football team helps children to make friends and learn to work as a team.  Nearly every town these days has their own football team for children.  A quick call to your local football association should give you an idea of the teams available for your little one to join.


Other activities mentioned which were a less popular choice on my survey but are certainly worth a look include:



Youth Club

Kick Boxing


Sunday School

Rock Climbing


Horse Riding






I hope you have enjoyed reading through this and found it useful.  Feel free to comment below and down for get to leave with a like!




















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Watch Me grow baby and newborn photographer yeovil Baby Photography in South Petherton Somerset near Yeovil, Taunton and Chard


Watch me Grow baby photography


Did you know that babies change more in their first year than any other year in their life?  All those milestones, learning to smile, laugh, sit crawl walk!!  

Taco poseTaco poseThis little newborn is comfortably posed in the Taco position using one of my mohair wraps



With Watch me Grow photography you can document parts of the journey and have memories to treasure and look back on for years to come.


baby fine art portrait - photographer yeovilbaby fine art portrait - photographer yeovilElijah looking absolutely gorgeous in this fine art image


The Watch me Grow package includes a Newborn, 6 month sitting session and 1st birthday photo shoot.


baby photographer Somersetbaby photographer Somerset


The photo shoots all take place in my studio in South Somerset.  I am just outside of South Petherton which is easily accessible from the A303 being just 5 minutes from the exit junction.  My studio is within easy traveling distance of Chard, Taunton and Yeovil.


For more details about this great package please click HERE.  Bookings for the first part, the newborn photo shoot, can be taken anytime after your 20 week scan.  It's best to book before you have your baby to ensure you get the full choice of available session dates.


Please feel free to ask questions, just get in touch via email on [email protected]




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How it all began How it all began...


When I was just 12 years old my Grandad passed me his camera, I don't remember the model but I know it was Olympus.  It was way before the days of DSLR's.  I remember feeling excitement and happiness all at once.  He talked to me about F numbers, shutter speeds and setting the right ISO for the film being used.  I took several photographs of him using all different settings and he took some of me too.  I couldn't wait for the film to be processed and sent back to us so I could see how I'd done.  When they arrived I was so excited and actually really impressed. My Mum still has one of the photographs he took of me on her sideboard!  Every time I look at this I am always brought back to that day.  This was my first ever experience of using an SLR camera and after that I looked forward to seeing my Grandad even more so I could have another go!


My Grandad

In 1997 at the age of 16 I worked 3 jobs over the Summer Holidays to save for my own SLR camera as I was starting college in September and doing A level Photography.  It was so good to finally have my own SLR camera.  I can remember taking photographs all the time, my friends, neighbours children, I wanted to take photographs everywhere I went.


​When I left collage, photography jobs were incredibly sparse so I ended up working an admin job instead, this was ok for me at the time.  I met great people.  I had a couple of different jobs over the next 4 years, including IT support work, admin and accounts.  


In 2003 at the age of 22 I had my first Daughter Tara, and a year later I went back to work part-time until I had my Son Sol in 2005.  I had a couple of jobs after that doing care work and cleaning.


I know you are thinking where's the photography, I was still taking photographs as a hobby, mainly of my own children using the SLR I bought in 1997.


In December 2008 I was given my first Canon DSLR by my husband as a Christmas present.  I was so delighted I could have cried when I opened it and realised what it was.  That was when the love for photography really bloomed.  I took every opportunity I could to photograph my own children, my friends children and anything else that took my fancy.  I took my camera everywhere.  I joined photography forums and read books about all different aspects of photography.  It became such a passion.


In May 2010 when I was expecting our 3rd child my world was completely turned upside down.  In the early hours of the morning on 15th May there was a knock at the door, at the time I thought it was my husband returning home from his evening out, unfortunately that was not the case, it was the police and they had come to tell me that my husband had been involved in a serious car accident and was in a critical but stable condition in the intensive care unit in hospital.  He was in intensive care for 2 weeks and spent nearly 6 weeks in hospital in total, for those  6 weeks I was unable to pick up my camera, it made me so emotional and felt wrong.  I think because he gave it to me I had an emotional attachment to photography at that time.  When  he came home the real recovery started, nothing could have prepared me for what I was faced with over the next two years.  When he came home though I did rekindle my love of photography again and quickly went back to taking my camera everywhere.


In the Summer of 2012 I realised that life was too short to be doing something I don't want to be doing when I have this passion for photography.  I started off taking photographs a motocross events that my Son was racing in.  I really enjoyed it but my real love was portraiture, specifically newborn babies, it occurred to me that I could photograph babies at the clients home.  I saved and bought the equipment needed to do this and watched many videos and bought online training courses in newborn photography.  In February 2013 I had my very first newborn client.  I couldn't have been happier at that point!


In September 2013 I went on a proper Newborn Training course with award winning photographer Karen Wiltshire.  There is nothing like someone actually showing you what you should do and making sure you are doing it safely.  It was definitely money well spent and my work improved quite dramatically after the training.


​I worked really hard over the next year photographing newborns in the clients homes and doing larger family photo shoots at my local hall.  In October 2014 I found the perfect place to move my studio permanently.  I was so excited.  I spent the October half term in 2014 moving everything in, buying furniture and fixtures and was ready to use it properly by 1st November 2014.


By 2017 it was becoming clear that my perfect space was becoming rather small due to my ever growing collection of equipment and props.  After many months of patiently waiting for the right place a finally moved to a bigger place at Flaxdrayton Farm in July 2019.


Here I am! business is great, I've done loads more training courses and still continue to learn.  But I couldn't have done it without all of my wonderful customers over the years.  Without you I definitely would not be where I am now!  So Thank you!  Thank you for helping me turn my passion for photography in to a successful business.


Photo of me taken by Lee Hatherall Photography.

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The Importance of booking a trained Newborn Photographer The Importance of booking a trained Newborn Photographer


Let me start by asking you something, when you were looking at buying equipment ready for your babies arrival such as prams, baby monitors, sterilisers and more importantly car seats, what did you look for?  Did you just go for the unknown brand with possibly no reviews because it was the cheapest?  Or did you look at the more expensive brands that had been tested and had really good reviews?  I would guess that you took the safer option and bought the equipment that was tested and reviewed well because your babies safety was your first priority not the price tag.


If your baby is ill, you will take them to your GP and then should that need further investigation you will be referred to someone who specialises in the problem your child is having, if your child had a problem with their skin for example then a GP may not be qualified enough to diagnose the problem, you would go to a dermatologist.


It is exactly the same with newborn photography.  Just because someone is a photographer does not mean that they are qualified enough to practice The Art of Newborn Photography.  You aren't just paying for the photographs you are also paying for the peace of mind that your babies safety is the photographer's number one priority.  You need to make sure that they have been trained to the highest standard.


black and white in daddy’s handsblack and white in daddy’s handsArlo in his daddy’s hands showing how tiny he is as a newborn

If you are thinking of having your newborn photographed then you need to be sure that they are someone you can fully trust.


I have seen many photographs of newborns that are clearly posed unsafely by excellent portrait photographers, just because they are a fabulous wedding photographer or portrait photographer does not mean that they automatically know how to safely pose a newborn baby.


I see photographs all the time on social networking sites of newborns posed in the "froggy" pose unsupported or hanging out of various baskets etc and have clearly not had an adult within even an arms length.


These images are correctly achieved by doing a composite, this means that two images are put together to form one image, in both of the separate images the baby is being held or the prop they are in is being held and then the two images are put together to form one photo making it look like the baby is unsupported.


Here is one of my composite images of baby on a swing.  As you can see the baby is not suspended in the air.  You can't see in this image but the Mum is just an arms length away on the left of the shot.  I always ask one of the parents to place their hand on baby while I am getting ready to take the shot, then take their hand off for a couple of seconds while I take the photo and then place their hand back on the baby once the photo has been taken.

newborn baby on a swingnewborn baby on a swingNewborn baby photographer on a swing with wood background

I'm not telling you this so that you will book me, I am writing this because newborn safety in photography and in fact in general is so important to me.  I have been fully trained in The Art of Newborn Photography by some of the UK's top newborn photographers and can instantly recognise when an image has been achieved without being a composite.


If you are enquiring about booking a Newborn session with a photographer then please ask as many questions as you need in order to make sure the photographer is qualified enough to do the job.  Ask how they achieve their images, are they DBS checked (used to be called CRB) are they insured, how long do they anticipate the session taking, 2-4 hours is a typical full session and you do not want to be rushed, who did they train with.  All these questions are an absolute must to ensure your babies safety before you commit to a photographer for your newborn baby's photographs.


Remember just because someone is an excellent portrait photographer does not make them qualified enough to safely pose your newborn baby.  It really scares me that there are so many photographers offering this service to parents when they have no clue about the safety factors, they are putting many babies at risk from potential serious injury.


baby in a white hammockbaby in a white hammocklittle arlo in a hamming as a newborn

It's a shame that parents are misled to believe that their baby will be safe since they probably have never had a newborn photo shoot before or have never been made aware of the safety factors.


There are many photographers out there that are offering to photograph babies for as little as £20 or £30.  In my opinion these photographers are probably of a poor standard and likely to not be posing the babies correctly or safely.


In an ideal world newborn photography should be regulated but unfortunately this is not the case.  


As mentioned before this is a subject that I feel very strongly about.  I really want to put the word out there about this to make sure all parents have all the facts before choosing their photographer.


Bottoms up pose with hat - newborn photographer somersetBottoms up pose with hat - newborn photographer somersetBeautiful Oliver came from Chard in Somerset for his newborn photo shoot.

Please feel free to share this with people you know via Facebook or other social networking sites as like I said I really want to put the word out there.  Please all feel free to let me know your thoughts on the subject even if i have not done a shoot for you as I would be really interested to hear.









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