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Tips on choosing your Wedding Photographer

April 21, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Choosing your wedding photographer 



My advice to you when it comes to choosing your wedding photographer would be:

  1. Check out their work, do they capture the day in the way that you would like your wedding to be photographed.  Every photographer has their own style, does it meet with your tastes.  My style is very much a natural approach, capturing the emotion of the day and often my clients say that I managed to capture things that they weren't aware had happened on the day.
  2. Don't just go on price.  I know I am not the most expensive photographer in my area but I'm certainly not the cheapest either.  Be wary of companies that offer unbelievably cheap deals, the chances are that sadly the photography and what they're offering will be of poor value.  Remember your photographs will last way beyond your wedding day, you want them to be exquisite.  I have seen some crazy offers on Facebook lately with photographers offering a full day of photography for as little as £200, and when I look at their images I can see why.  I have based my package prices on being affordable without being crazily cheep, at £450 for a full day of photography you will have all your precious moments captured and have a stunning gallery of images from the day, all copied on to disc or USB stick for you to cherish.
  3. How many weddings has that photographer shot before and have they been the main photographer?  Unless you are happy to put your faith in to a new starter you want your photographer to have experience not just with the photography but general experience with Weddings and the high stress high responsibility that comes with being the main photographer on the day.  I have recently completed wedding number 8 as the main photographer and Trading as Angel Eyes Photography but previous to starting my own business I have just under 20 years photography experience and during that time I shot some weddings, some as the main photographer and some as a guest photographer.  I also have several more wedding bookings already for 2014 and 2015.
  4. Is the photographer insured?  Professional wedding photographers should all have the correct insurance for their business.  Insurance protects the photographers equipment against theft, but more importantly it provides liability protection should anyone have an accident, for example, uncle Bob falls over the camera bag and breaks his arm.  Anyone that does not have the correct cover or has no insurance at all I would avoid like the plague as they simply are not taking the business seriously enough.  You want someone who is completely committed on all levels.  You will be pleased to know that I have full insurance covering my equipment, giving me public liability cover and indemnity cover.
  5. Will the photographer colour correct the images?  Many photographers no not colour correct their images even though it is one of the most basic post production methods there is.  With out colour correction you will end up with photographs that have the wrong skin tone, i.e yellow, green, blue etc.  You will be happy to hear that I colour correct all my images so the photographs will all look their absolute best once they are ready for viewing.
  6. Does the photographer have backup equipment should the worst happen?  Many photographers, especially new starters only have basic equipment, goodness knows what they would do should something go wrong on the day.  Every photographer serious about wedding photography should have backup equipment, even the most expensive camera is not bullet proof and unfortunately on the very rare occasion equipment does malfunction.  I always carry at least one set of back up equipment on the day.  I usually run 2 cameras on the day, one with a zoom lens and one with a wider angle lens.  I also carry with me 2 spare camera bodies, 3 lenses and several memory cards.  You can rest assured that even if a camera fails on the day I can still carry on capturing the day, you probably would never even know!
  7. What will your photographer do if the weather is bad on the day?  You want to be sure that your photographer is able to put provisions in place should the weather be poor on the day of the Wedding.  For example, a photographer that doesn't own a flash may not be able to light the subject(s) properly should all photography need to take place in doors.  You want to know that the photographer can make creative use of the venue and have the right equipment to do this.  I have a complete set of studio lights which can be used for group shots indoors should the light be poor and weather warrant photography taking place indoors.






Thank you for reading and please feel free to share this on Facebook or forward it to anyone you think might be interested.





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