Questions to ask a newborn baby photographer

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Questions to ask a newborn baby photographer


Baby Iyla dozing on her backBaby Iyla dozing on her backIyla is doxing on her back wearing my lace trousers


No doubt you have lots of questions in your mind if you’re looking to hire a newborn baby photographer. Especially if you have never booked a newborn photoshoot before.

So, today I’m sharing with you my advice on what to look for in a newborn photographer. And, I’m suggesting some of the questions to ask a newborn baby photographer before booking your session.  

After all, no two newborn photographers are the same. And you’ll probably have noticed that all offer different services, price their packages differently and have their own unique style.

So, how the heck do you decide on who to choose?!


1. Are you a professional newborn photographer?

I highly recommend that you only consider professional photographers, and specifically those who are experienced in photographing and handling newborn babies.

Professionals, who are serious about what they do as newborn baby photographers, will have invested time and money in training that is specific to newborn photography.

Please only put your precious little bundle in the hands of someone who has been trained, and ideally can prove considerable experience in photographing newborn babies.

Experienced newborn photographers will be able to demonstrate that they can create a variety of images and will have many examples in their online portfolio.  


Newborn with fox bonnetNewborn with fox bonnetLittle Rupert is looking super cute here in my fox bonnet and matching orange wrap

2. Are you safety trained?

Similarly, safety is a key part of any credible newborn photography training programme, so one of the first questions to ask a newborn baby photographer you are considering is if they are safety trained.

The safety and wellbeing of your little baby should be the most important thing to your photographer. While they are handling your baby, they should do so in a way that keeps them 100% safe at all times.

Days-old babies need to be kept warm and comfortable, and not be put into positions that put them at risk of rolling or falling.

Those pictures that you see of newborn babies that seem to defy gravity? They are composite images that are safely created during the editing process.

No newborn photographer should be putting a baby in positions that make them uncomfortable, that limit their circulation or seem dangerous to you. Before booking, do ask your photographer how they create complex baby poses and how they ensure your baby’s safety at all times.

newborn baby on a swingnewborn baby on a swingNewborn baby photographer on a swing with wood background

3. Are sibling/family pictures included in the photoshoot?

It’s also important that you are completely clear on what is included in the packages that your chosen newborn photographer offers.

Some photographers are happy to include your baby’s sibling(s) or immediate members of the family (mum and dad) in the baby portraits, but not all are.

If it’s important to you that you get a variety of images, including family portraits, from your newborn photoshoot then be sure to clarify this with your photographer before booking, and don’t just request this on the day. That way, you’ll avoid any misunderstandings and potential awkwardness on the day.

I always include photographs with the baby's immediate family (parents and siblings) which is why I offer a late afternoon evening option on a Tuesday and a Saturday morning when older siblings are less likely to be at school and partners are usually not working.


4. Are there facilities at the photography studio for the parents and the baby?

You’ll want to ensure that while your baby is being photographed, that you will have space to sit and relax. Especially since newborn photoshoots can take up to several hours to complete. So, do ask about facilities for parents within the photographer’s studio.

The most conscientious photographers will have considered yours and your babies needs and will provide comfortable seating, complimentary refreshments, as well as things like a baby changing mat, wet wipes and nappies for you to make use of during your time in their studio.

If you’d like to, ask your photographer if you can visit the studio in-person before booking. Or, request images of the inside of their studio, so you know what it looks like before you book if these aren’t already on their website.  


5. What do we need to know before coming to our photoshoot?

If you’ve chosen a well-regarded and experienced professional newborn photographer, chances are they will automatically ensure that you have all the information you need ahead of your photoshoot.

They’ll understand that you have questions about the process and will want to know what to bring along on the day, so they’ll have supplied this information to you well in advance.

Some may even go so far as to outline how you can prepare, to provide a packing list, and even to give advice on what foods to avoid on the day before the photoshoot if you’re breastfeeding your baby. This is my guide to what to expect from your newborn photography experience, as an example.

Baby Callie asleep in bedBaby Callie asleep in bedBaby Callie is posed on my little wooden bed in this one

6. How does your pricing work?

Pricing is certainly one of the questions to ask a newborn baby photographer!

It’s essential before booking that you are clear on how their prices and packages work and that you have the money to cover at least the minimum charge for professional baby photos.

You should research into whether they charge a session fee in addition to the fee for photo products. And if they offer packages, you’ll want to be crystal clear about what’s included and what isn’t.

Also, if you would like something different to what’s offered within a set package, be sure to ask in advance whether it’s possible to create a bespoke package or not.

Not all photographers will be flexible on this, so do your research beforehand and only commit if you are 100% happy with the fees and packages that your chosen photographer offers.    

Do also get clear on whether you are obligated to commit to a minimum spend or to purchase a certain number of images.


5. When will we receive our images?

Once you’ve had your newborn photoshoot, you’ll be itching to see the photos!

So, a great question to ask any photographer you are considering is how long after the shoot can you expect to receive them?

Many photographers offer the option of sharing a taster image from the final gallery within 24-48 hours of the session, which is really exciting for the parents. Then, usually, the final gallery is available for you to view within 2-3 weeks after the original session.

I invite all my clients back for a viewing and ordering session a couple of weeks after their original session, and this is when they are shown the full gallery of portraits and can choose which ones to have printed and made into wall art.


For further information about my newborn photography services, please visit my newborn photography FAQ's Page. And if you’d like to book in for a newborn photoshoot here at my Somerset-based photography studio, please contact me. Please aim to book as early as possible and, ideally, soon after your 20-week scan.






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