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Four family photo ideas for your newborn photoshoot

In today’s blog, I’m sharing four family photo ideas for your newborn photoshoot. That’s because, during all of my newborn baby photo sessions here at my photography studio in South Petherton, Somerset, I don’t just focus on the baby, as you might presume.

No, I actively encourage all my parents to join their baby in front of the camera.

The importance of family photos

I strongly believe that portraits of your newborn baby with you, and any older children you have, are incredibly precious.

Yes, Mum and Dad, you may not feel like being photographed. As you’ve just welcomed a new baby into the family, chances are you’re exhausted!

  • Mum, you’ve perhaps had sleepless nights in the final weeks of the pregnancy and have been through quite a lot during the birth.
  • Then, once your baby is here, you’re busy juggling their needs with your own overwhelming desire to sleep and rest.
  • Plus, you’re perhaps also more self-conscious than normal because you’ve put on weight during the pregnancy, and so dread the thought of being photographed.

But even if you relate to any (or all) of these concerns about being photographed, then I know how you’re feeling right now – I’ve been there!

As a new parent myself, I was reluctant to get in front of the camera. But I did and I’m so glad I did!


Those photos are incredibly precious to me now. Even though I didn’t feel or look my best at that time (who does in the weeks after birth?!), I knew that preserving the memory of that special moment was far more important than how I looked.

So, parents, please take my word for it.

If you don’t have any family photos taken with your baby during their newborn photoshoot, I really think you’ll live to regret it.

Photos ideas for your newborn baby photoshoot

To inspire you, here are four photos that I recommend you have taken during your newborn photoshoot:

  1. Family photos

You’re celebrating the arrival of a new member of your family. Personally, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to have a group photo to record this exciting moment. It’s an occasion I’m confident that you’ll want to look back on in years to come!

I can photograph you standing closely together or opposite each other while holding your baby or looking down lovingly at them. Or we can do a photo with you all lying down together. There are lots of options.

Cradled in the arms of Mummy and Daddy - baby photography somersetCradled in the arms of Mummy and Daddy - baby photography somersetLittle Ivy safe in the arms of her Mum and Dad in my studio in Somerset

  1. Baby with Mum

A tender portrait of mum looking adoringly down at baby who they are cradling in their arms is another lovely one to have for the family album.

And don’t worry, if you’re feeling self-conscious about your lower body, a tight crop on the photo will ensure your wobbly bits are not in the photo if you’d prefer.

Photographer yeovilA new mum lovingly looking at her precious new babyA lovely image of Eva here with her Mummy.

  1. Baby held in Daddy’s hands or over his shoulder

These poses are great because often a newborn baby can literally be held in the palm of the baby’s Daddy. The contrast in the size of Daddy’s hands compared to the tiny bundle is really striking and so cute!

And if Dad is game for taking his shirt off, a photo of the baby held carefully over his bare shoulder, or in his arms, can look amazing.

Your baby may be tiny now, but in the not-too-distant future, they will have grown so much. With a photo like this to look back on, you’ll wonder how on earth they were ever that small!

  1. Baby with their sibling(s)

Another great portrait that I love to take is of the newborn baby with their older sibling(s).

Your newborn photoshoot is a great opportunity to get your other child or children involved and to make them feel as important as their new brother or sister who they may perceive to be getting all the attention at the moment.

If your child is old enough, I can photograph your baby being held in their arms. Or, if they are only a toddler themselves, I can include them in the photo by lying them alongside your baby, which is a safe way of positioning them together.

This type of photo is also a great way of capturing the size difference between your children at this moment in time – something that you and they may forget in the future, without photographs to remind you.

Are you convinced about having family photos during your newborn photoshoot?

So, I hope that you’ve found these family photo ideas for your newborn photoshoot useful?

And I hope that if you hadn’t considered having family photos taken during your baby’s photoshoot before, that you might now be reconsidering.

When families book me as their newborn photographer, they usually haven’t thought about having family photos taken, even though I strongly believe they should.

They’ve usually booked the photo session because they want to capture that special newborn stage and to celebrate the safe arrival of the newest member of the family. But they haven’t thought about how special it will be in the future to look back on family portraits.

So, my final tip would be to think about your outfit when you come to the newborn photo shoot.

Be sure to wear, or have something with you, that you would be comfortable to be photographed in. Because, if you like these family photo ideas, then I can capture something similar for you.

Professional baby photographer in Yeovil

If you are considering hiring a professional baby photographer, please get in touch with me to find out more about my services or to book a free, no-obligation consultation.

Thanks for reading and please share with any other parents-to-be you know.



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