My favourite local small business vendors!

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My favourite small business vendors


In today’s blog, I’m sharing my favourite small businesses with you all. 

Reasons to shop local

  1. Local Economy - Research shows that for every £10 spent at local shops and small businesses and extra £50 goes back in to the local economy.
  2. Creating new jobs - Shopping with and investing in local businesses means you can have a very strong and positive effect on the health of the local jobs in your area.
  3. Character - The fantastic thing about independent businesses is that they are run by people, not by boards, stockholders or algorithms. As they are run by local people you will usually find that the business/shops building is in keeping with aesthetic of the area, adding character to the community and a touch of warm, welcoming personality.
  4. Great customer service - Although many chain businesses do have good customer service, you can’t beat the personal touch of a local owner who knows everyone in the neighbourhood.
  5. Less impact on the environment - This is because the majority of local companies are found on the high street and are within walking distance, rather than a drive away to the nearest large shopping centre. If more people chose to pop to the local high street rather than driving to the superstores, this would considerably reduce air pollution, reduce traffic and improve the quality of the nation’s high streets.
  6. Originality - In a world that is becoming increasingly dominated by chain stores, which have been designed to look the same, independent businesses bring much-needed originality and variety into communities


My favourite local businesses


Jamie Lemon Designs

Jamie Lemon DesignsJamie Lemon DesignsJamie Lemon Designs

First on my list has got to be Jamie Lemon Designs.  Jamie lives in the same village I do.  I have been in awe of this lovely ladies sawing work since she opened her shop last year.  Jamie mainly specialises in hand made children’s clothing.  As I photograph mainly babies and children, I am sure to invest in some of her lovely creations soon for use during my photography sessions. Jamie also makes reusable eco-friendly cotton pads and more recently peg bags.  Her reviews are glowing.   She has her own Etsy shop here


Little Knitwtiz

Little KnitwitzLittle KnitwitzLittle Knitwitz

Sarah at little knitwitz is also local to me.  She specialises in newborn photography props which she hand makes with her own fair hands.  Sarah lives just a couple of miles from me.  As she makes newborn props naturally I love her designs and have a few of her items now.  What I love about them is that they never go out of fashion.  I still use the props I bought a few years ago and regularly use them during my newborn photography sessions.  Sarah has her own website here


Hayley Frances Nutrition

Hayley Frances NutritionHayley Frances NutritionHayley Frances Nutrition

Next up is Hayley who is a nutritional therapist and naturopath.  Hayley can help you to make changes to your lifestyle and diet which could have a significant effect on your overall health and wellbeing.  Hayley is based in Stoke Sub Hamdon and can offer a range of services based on your health and wellbeing needs.  Hayley can make recommendations and help you to lose weight so if you’ve been putting off that family portrait for a while now because you feel you would like to lose some weight Hayley can definitely help.  Please visit her website to find out more.  Hayley also offers a cookery school during the school holidays called Little Strawberries Cookery School for Children and more information can be found on Hayleys website here


Felted with Love

Felted With LoveFelted With LoveFelted with Love

Natalie lives locally to me and needle-felts beautiful animals using mainly locally sourced wool.  Natalie loves to needle-felt British Wildlife pieces, which is down to her love of working with wildlife in her veterinary nurse position at a local Wildlife centre where she works closely with the animals.  As a newborn photographer I am sure to call on Natalie soon as I think her work would make lovely photography props which I can use during my sessions. Natalie takes on just two commissions per month and has a waiting list system so if you love her work and want to order, getting in touch with her ASAP is a must.  Natalie has a Facebook page here



I am a Professional photographer nr Yeovil


If you are considering hiring a professional photographer, please get in touch with me to find out more about my services or to book a free, no-obligation consultation.

Thanks for reading and please share with any people you know.




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