Behind The Scenes of a Newborn Session with me

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Behind the Scenes of a Newborn Session with me

Newborn photographer somersetMe wrapping a newbornMe wrapping a newborn baby ready for some wrapped newborn photos

So you're considering a Newborn session for your baby!

You have probably looked at a few photographers local to Somerset and looked at their differing styles and sessions.  Or maybe you only just heard about Newborn photoshoots and would like to know more?

It's really important to choose a photographer whose style you love and work you admire.  If you're not sure then I am here to help!

This blog post will tell you all about the experience here at Angel Eyes Photography.

Where it all begins

Newborn sessions take place at my photography studio in South Petherton, Somerset.

We want to try and time your session for when baby is between 1&3 weeks ideally but they can also take place when baby is up to around 8 weeks old to so don't worry if your baby is over 3 weeks and you're only just thinking about a session.

There are a few reasons for this, one of them being that babies are usually much sleepier in the first 3 weeks so are easier to settle.  Also baby acne can start to appear after they reach around 3-4 weeks of age as well.

Babies begin to develop muscle tone and become much less flexible between 4 & 8 weeks which can make it harder to do the curly poses like you will have seen in my newborn portfolio and like the photo below.

Bottoms up pose with hat - newborn photographer somersetBottoms up pose with hat - newborn photographer somersetBeautiful Oliver came from Chard in Somerset for his newborn photo shoot. You might now be thinking that leaving the house so soon after having a baby is something you might not want to do...

I hear you!  As I specialise in Newborn Photography and have built my studio with Mums in mind as well as newborn babies.  I want you to be as comfortable as possible when you come to visit me and I want you to feel at home here.  

I have a room in my studio specifically for newborn sessions with a well stocked cupboard including nappies, wipes, towels, muslin squares and breast pads.  There are hot drinks and biscuits.  Comfortable chairs (which are so comfortable that some of the Dad's have even fallen asleep!) Toys to keep the older siblings happy if you want them to stay for the duration of the session, if not there is a very well equipped recreation ground just a five minute drive from the studio.  Very often Dad will take the siblings there when we have done all the family and sibling photos so we can focus on the baby without worrying the siblings are getting fed up.  Everything has been put in place to make sure your experience is as stress free and enjoyable as possible.  I want you to have the best once in a lifetime experience when you visit me for a newborn session.

Newborn photographer somersetMy Newborn Photography roomThis is the room where all of my newborn sessions take place.


If you've seen my Facebook Page then you have probably seen the different types of newborn photos I take, like these ones below.

Sleeping like a baby - newborn photographer tauntonSleeping like a baby - newborn photographer tauntonLittle Pippa slept all the way through the poses during her newborn photography session IMG_2126IMG_2126 IMG_2153IMG_2153

If your baby falls asleep straight away after they have been fed then I would usually start with poses like the ones in the first two photos.

To prepare for the session I will usually ask you to see if you can time your baby's feeds so that they need feeding when you arrive at the studio.  I understand this isn't always easy though so if you need to feed baby before you leave the house that's no problem, I just ask that you dress baby in easy to remove clothing like a button through baby grow and don't put a vest on them so that if they are sleeping when you arrive then their clothes can easily be removed without waking them and we can get started straight away.  If baby is going to be fed when you arrive then I'll ask you to undress baby down to their nappy before feeding them.

Throughout the session you will watch me pose and photograph your baby in different positions and from different angles using a selection of props and accessories.

You'll notice that I am constantly checking your baby is comfortable, safe and happy in each position and this allows me to instantly know if I need to change the position slightly or move on to a different pose.

If your baby needs a top up feed then that's not a problem, we have plenty of time.

And this is what I mean when I say my sessions are baby led, I will always work at your baby's pace, pausing whenever we need to for extra feeds or cuddles.

I don't rely solely on my experience as a Mum and a newborn photographer, I regularly attend training with other top UK photographers too.

Family Photos

All of my Full Newborn Sessions and the newborn session in my Watch me Grow Plans all include photographs with the baby's parents and their siblings.

At this stage I know you're probably feeling like you don't want to be in any of the photos!  I hear you!  But please don't worry about it, I have many clients that have felt exactly the same way.  I've had training on posing and will know exactly which poses work and which ones to avoid.  Your baby will absolutely treasure the photos that have you in them for many years to come.  Please believe me when I say that photos with you in them is one of the most lovely gifts you can give to your child.

The poses used below are perfect for capturing your together with your little one!

newborn baby snuggled with his mum and dadnewborn baby snuggled with his mum and dadnewborn shot with parents Cradled in the arms of Mummy and Daddy - baby photography somersetCradled in the arms of Mummy and Daddy - baby photography somersetLittle Ivy safe in the arms of her Mum and Dad in my studio in Somerset Eva Newborn-24Eva Newborn-24

Or we can do photos like this

black and white in daddy’s handsblack and white in daddy’s handsArlo in his daddy’s hands showing how tiny he is as a newborn

You ordering appointment

At the end of the photo shoot we will arrange a mutually convenient time for you to come back to the studio for your ordering appointment.  This appointment usually takes place around 2-3 weeks after the newborn session but it’s sometimes longer if you need a specific day of the week or time.  This is when you will see the beautiful photos from the session for the very first time!

We will firstly watch a slideshow of your photos to music, please don't stress or be embarrassed if the slideshow makes you feel emotional!  Lot's of parents do feel tearful (In a good way!) when they see the photos for the first time.  I always leave the tissues out ready.

Then once we have watched the slideshow we will then look at every photo individually and decide which images you want to keep and decide if you want any extra digital images or photo products for your home or for gifts.

Would you like to know more about my newborn sessions or Watch me Grow packages?

Get in touch now using the form below!




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