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Cake Smash Photo Shoot information


Clothing and Props

An outfit will be provided for your baby to wear for the session.  If you are bringing twins then a matching outfit for both babies will be provided.  All props, cake stand etc etc are all provided for your convenience.


The Cake

The Cake will also be provided.  I use a lovely lady who has all of her Heath and Hygiene certificates.  She has her own business called Melanie Todd Cake Design.  It is super important that you let me know if your baby/babies have any allergies or intolerances.


Don't be surprised if to begin with your baby/ies has very little or no interest in the Cake.  It is quite common and I will do my best to encourage them to investigate and touch the cake.



Please try to make sure that you baby/ies is not tired at the scheduled session time.  Tired babies do not want to co-operate and it really isn't fun for anyone.  If you baby/ies usually nap then try to have this happen before the session where possible.  It's tempting not to feed them before a Cake Smash as you want them to be interested in the Cake, however, I DO NOT advise this since it can lead to them being grumpy and un co-operative.  If their usual meal or snack time occurs before the session then please stick to this.


Cake Smashes as you can imagine do get messy.  Please come dressed in clothes which you don't mind getting dirty.


During the Session

Please be aware that I will always work the the child's pace, not all children are happy to be photographed as soon as they arrive so I may need to spend time with them helping them feel more comfortable. I will interact with your child to get them looking at the camera and hopefully smiling, please try not to distract them as the best photographs are captured when the baby is interacting with me and looking at the camera.  If your baby is feeling shy or serious I will ask for you to help.  Otherwise please feel free to make yourself comfortable watching.


I recommend that distractions are kept to a minimum so please if possible do not bring the baby's siblings or any other children to the photo shoot.  We want your baby to be looking at the camera, if there is too much distraction in the room then your child won't be interested in having the photo shoot done or will not be looking at the camera for any of the photographs.  If you really have to bring other children with you then I do ask that they wait outside if possible please.  I hope you understand that I want you to get the absolute best from the session.