Wall Art


My Classic and Premium sessions include a credit towards Wall Art.  This credit can only be used during your ordering appointment.  You are able to use your credit towards any of the products below (no other products are included in this offer)



Deep Framed Canvas

A timeless wall art piece.  The canvas print is stretched over pro bars and then set into the custom made deep frame to create a floating effect.  This heavyweight product is definitely made to impress and would suit traditional homes and decor.  The frame colour is available in black, white and antique brown and I offer them in five different sizes.

20x16              £305

24x20              £415

30x20              £455

36x24              £575

40x30              £685

products-17products-17 products-18products-18 products-19products-19  

Classic Framed Canvas

A timeless fine art wall piece.  Similar to the deep frame canvas but the frame goes right up to the canvas so doesn't have the floating effect.  The canvas print is stretched over pro bars and then set into the custom made frame.  A handmade product made to impress with a range of frame colours making it suited to both modern and traditional homes and decor.  Five sizes available.

20x16              £245

24x20              £335

30x20              £385

36x24              £475

40x30              £595

Unframed Canvas

Printed on the best materials and using the highest quality print technology this is one of the highest quality canvases on the market.  Don't be fooled into thinking that this is like any canvas on the high street, these canvases are of superior quality and built to last.  Available in a range of sizes.

20x16              £155

24x20              £185

30x20              £195

36x24              £245

40x30              £255

products-27products-27 products-28products-28

Acrylic Wall art Products

You are welcome to purchase Acrylic wall art pieces of any of the images from your session, you don’t have to have purchased the digital image.  I offer 3 different type of Acrylic.


Acrylic Orb

A unique wall art piece.  This circular format piece ensures a truly unique finish on the wall.  Made from 5mm plexiglass this product screams quality and would look great on the wall of any modern home.

16x16                £195

20x20               £285

24x24               £355

30x30               £535

products-23products-23 products-24products-24


Acrylic Octagon

16 x 16.         £195

20 x 20.         £285

24 x 24.         £355

30 x 30.         £535


HD Acrylic

A contemporary fine art wall piece.  These acrylic's are designed to bring out the best colour and sharpness possible.  Made using the finest materials and UV protected these are definitely built to last. Three sizes available.

20x16               £230

24x16               £255

30x20               £395

36x24               £535

products-25products-25 products-26products-26

Tray Framed Acrylic

These spectacular Acrylics are set into a custom made wooden frame with an 8mm surround.  The edges are completely visible giving the illusion that it is suspended within the frame.  The perfect solution for those who want the contemporary benefits of the HD Acrylic but need it in a frame.  Available in three sizes.

20x16               £349

24x20               £459

30x20               £549

products-20products-20 products-21products-21 products-22products-22

Framed Multi Aperture

A gorgeous wall piece to display 4 different images.

24 x 24.         £299

30 x 24.         £359

30 x 30.         £389


Panoramic Multi Aperture

A panoramic framed wall piece to display 3 images.

32 x 14.         £289

36 x 14.         £319


Fine art natural framed

Totally unique framed wall piece where the print is textured to give a timeless traditional feel.

16 x 12.         £239

24 x 16.         £319

30 x 20.         £339

30 x 30.         £539

40 x 30.         £579

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